Issues Report (bubbleball)

This is my issue lists and if some issue is solved, I will remove it.

  1. Has problem with the last revive version (not mean built in function in Pitool). It cause some matrix distortion (not mean distortion at the edge) when I turn around and image movement look not natural. The image not relate with the head, too much smoothness faster.



  1. Wrong height of lucky tale.


  1. Can’t open dashboard by system button in oculus game,

@Doman.Chen @anon74848233

p.s. still no anyone contact me about dead pixel problem.


Roger that, we will discuss with our engineer about your questions, and our after-sales staff will contact you ASAP.


Please click the “Support” button and you can come to service desk.
We will solve your problem ASAP.

  1. Wrong height of lucky tale

Oculus game such as lucky tale, when open by PiTool, it has a much height and I can’ t adjust it although I will place headset on the floor and wear it later. Setting room in steamvr before open the game is not help too.

Adjust room setting for height of sitting such as 90 cm, then lucky tale will have correct height.
But this will effect to other game and height become over than normal.
SteamVr --> User openvr advanced setting to set floor fix and this will not effect to lucky tale.
Other oculus game --> have to set room height at 0 again.

Note : Lucky tale by Revive has correct height, but still have some strange movement, look like latency.

credit : @Doman.Chen

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