Issue Starting Pimax 5k+: Screen does not turn on, LED Red (solid)

The issue seemed to have been a DOA Cable, the replacement unit’s cable worked fine on the original unit.

So I’ve been trying to get this working the past 3-4 hours.Tried numerous things, yet still have not gotten it to work:

Or specifically, the screen it self.

Everything else was green across the board.

  • Vive Controllers Paired Successfully
  • Steam VR detects everything as Pimax devices (even if the light houses are from my Vive)
  • Everything was tracking, including the headset, shown in mirror mode
  • Headset was detected in PiTool and PiPlay
  • Headset Firmware was successfully updated

Running on a i7-7700k, 1080 GTX, Pimax connected to a USB3.1 slot, MSI Z270i Gaming pro Carbon AC
other details would be unnecessary.

The following I have tried From a Clean Install:, with rebooting

  • Swapping Display Ports on the GPU
  • Swapping USB Slots from 3.1-3.0-2.0
  • Removing one or the other monitor from use (shouldnt need to be done)
  • HMD Cable was reseated

What worries me is that tried to see if screen turns on at all (!!!) on bootup. Would expect the backlight (as an LCD) to turn on when the device is powered, but it does not.

Tried also:

  • Swapping Display modes in PiPlay,

This however failed to do anything, and after this was attempted, the usb device begun to be “Unrecongnize” (sp) accoriding to PiPlay. Since then the device display hasnt been properly recognized by either piplay or pitool, giving me a 20300.

Tried to also reflash the firmware with the latest, but that didnt seem to do a factory reset to this mode, (even though id expect it to do something)


Have you submitted a ticket? @anon74848233 can monitor.

When you try diagnose it says everything connected?

Lastest pitool is 95 & should update from inside tool.

I am wondering if wall adapter is not putting out enough amps.

Stable electricity all around where I am from, and every other device in vicinity works as they should. Will submit a ticket as well. so if it is the adapter then uff. The device otherwise does power up.

Pi tool is also updated to 95, and had the firmware update that came with that.

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We have had a couple of users with bad psu. If you have one to try might be an idea to try.

Support can setup if needed a skype session with teamviewer.

I have many 12V - 2A+ adapters, unfortunately none of that I know of are as thin as the one with the pimax. Will need to go hunting for one later, always seem to be missing one when needing one.

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This case is the first time I read,

But do you already update usb driver or tick out power management?
May try all of these before.

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Please click “Support” on banner for joining Service desk.We will resolve your issue ASAP

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USB drivers were already uptodate as my definition of clean install means update everything before starting project.

Power management is again something thats usually done with Vive Installation, so technically I have those bases covered. Right now however, only the pimax is installed so a clean enviroment.

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If headset is ok and detected in PiTool but screen is black (red light), try unplugging and plugging in the Displayport cable again (leave the USB and power connected). Or change Displayport on your GPU. Happened to me yestersay as well.

Also, use Pitool only. PiPlay is not needed. Try maybe reinstalling PiTool.


Just ensure your installing MB drivers from manufacturer’s site as W10 doesn’t do a good job.

Both of those cases were done already prior to you suggesting it at as mentioned on the post.

@Heliosurge It was done during the clean install.

Again the USB comms and everything else is working fine, its just that screen aint turning on the darn thing at all.

ATM the it feels like the cable or the screen it self maybe damaged, as id expect atleast some life from the screen.


Okay only mentioned mb drivers as windows installs it’s own & not often proper ones.

If available can you test headset on another pc? But yewh sounds like a bigger issue.

@Sean.Huang might be an idea to try teamviewer session.

Unfortunately no, all my other PCs are either development macs (with only integrated graphical capacity) or compiling machines without graphics cards.

Would be interesting to see if there is a factory reset, since before I had swapped display modes, the dp cable was recognized; as if it is not connected. Before this however, it was recognized as connected, but the display was still not turning on.

It is not the power supply as well, since I just had checked it with my multimeter

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I tried a firmware reset / reinstall as per say to @SweViver’s firmware video guides again, like previously using latest available firmwares.

The headset is stuck perma DFU (LED cycles), cycling through led modes, and my console commands are not working even after swapping USB ports. WIll now leave my hands off this. Pretty much as far I can take it without dev backing. Detailed details of every step have been given to support


Try the new method, upgrading/downgrading the firmware by using the Dfu.exe in the Pimax installation Runtime folder. Do it while having the headset connected and running

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If you have piplay installed. Uninstall @Yata_PL recently reported having an issue with piplay installed. @Sjef has a firmware tool that may find the headset if stuck in dfu mode. If @SweViver suggestion doesn’t work.

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Thanks Managed to recover back out of DFU with the @Sjef flasher
Unfortunately, still back a square, to the same as earlier. 20300

The Screen is not recognized as connected anylonger after the piplay setting change, id like to somehow return back to the state the headset was BEFORE I had updated the piplay display mode, but it wasnt letting me since the pimax was no longer “properly connected”

Removed piplay as suggested and rebooted, tried yet another port no luck. Tried reseating the hmd cable again.

Also where could I grab older versions of the firmware to try? I only have the latest one I got via Pitool

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Do you have a pimax 4k? If so try switch modes in piplay then uninstall. There maybe a residual setting somewhere in the registry or something.

@sweviver might have a link to old firmware.

Or someone in @EarlyBackers group.

No I dont have a pimax 4k.

Also the residual setting via OS shouldnt be in effect, since I had done the clean install after the dp issue started popping up.

Anyway, ill probably wait until next week when the devs are in the office before continueing. It really sounds more of an issue with the Display or the Cable.

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Yeah if you had a fresh install after tge display mode change. Not sure maybe @Sean.Huang can setup a teamview session.

Though looks like @SweViver might have a suggestion.