Issue: flashin pixel

I’m an happy user for 5kXR for 9 month now. I encounter my first issue I can’t solve by myself.

Since a few days, I got flashing pixel randomly on botrh screens. I also got from times to times a full vertical large line, like an error, covering part of the image.

Those pixel are flashing even on the first Pimax screen (logo, or lunar scene).

I’m running pitools 260, with last 255 firmware.

On steam, tested with both last beta and last stable.

Got the matest nvidia 446.14 driver. Also look on windows, testing with 1903 and the new 2004 release.

I tested several DP/USB ports. I remove/reintsall pitools, steamvr

Same issue in every configuration, with flashing pixel, including at startup logo/theme. I do not know what I could check/update.

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I would recommend starting a support ticket right away.

Might be a simple fix that can be resolved with a remote support session or require either a replacement cable or RMA.


Thanks. It is done. Let’s wait. I’ll let the community knows


Your very welcome! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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Issue identified: Cable is faulty. It tooks only 3 days to identify trhe issue. I’m waiting for the cable.


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