Is this headset 4k ? Or just 2k?

Why everybody says this headset is 4K ?
My computer detects it as a 2560 x 1440 display. Which is 2k, or exactly the panel size of Gear VR and probably HTC Vive and Oculus RiftCV1.

So where all of this buzz comes from ?
Did I get fouled to buy this headset ? Don’t know yet. I need an answer from somebody who have a good answer. Otherwise I want my money back.

There are tons of answers, but here you go another one.
Headset has 4k display panel but content you’re playing will be in 2k spanned to 4k display. However you can always use supersampling which will increase pixel density and make it looks like 4k in cost of heavy gpu load.

The content is content. Pixels are pixels. I have a 4K monitor on which I can watch all kind of photos from hd , full hd , 2k, 4k. All of them spanned to my 4k panel. Which by the way , it is detected as 4k in windows display properties . When I plug in any second monitor it is detected as the physical panel. So why my Pimax is detected as 2k ? Am I the only one who asks this question here?

Supersampling has absolutely no effect in my headset resolution. It only works slower for values greater the 1.5, but the resolution is the same from 0.8 to 2.4. No difference, which makes sense if the panel is 2k. If value of supersampling is greater than 1, steam engine tries to render an image of a resolution greater than 2k to a 2k panel which will always result in a 2k resolution image, however hard will try steam to push 4k images. That explains why I encounter slowness but no improvement in resolution.

I am still at the phase of asking questions. It won’t last long.

The answer is from the top. If you cant understand ‘4k display with 2k resolution’ then i wont spend more time for you, i’m not patient guy too.

Talking your language, its 4k monitor with a desktop resolution 2k.

Maybe you have right, but you’re definitely wrong when saying ‘no impact’. If it doesnt impact your system - you’re doing something wrong. If you have powefull gpu i will recommend pimax version 1.1.92
You will see the difference, this version has better picture quality and supersampling works very well. It uses steamvr compositor, so basically it works like vive but with better display (less pixel grid). Also this version support async reprojection and always on reprojections (steamvr perfomance features, must have for supersampling).

Versions above 1.1.92 have their own render and own supersampling features, althrough both are working (and steamvr supersampling still performs a little bit better).

disadvantage of 1.1.92 is that it doesnt support oculus home and it has some connection issues to the device, which can be easily resolved by restarting piplayservice in windows services

Answering your base questions once again. Every device is devided in to Hardware and Software. Hardware - 4k. Software - 2k.
Is it possible to make 2k look better like native 4k? Yes, supersampling/downsampling affects a lot and makes a picture crystal clear (these are 2 different features by the way)
Will there be a native 4k? - unknown (not sure about others, but i’m not waiting for it, i’m happy so far with 2k and supersampling on 1.1.92 version)

Okay let’s simplify this.

PiMax uses a 4k lcd panel. The PiMax 4k accepts FHD (1080p) & QHD (1440P). The internal hardware upscales it to 4k.

So for example you buy a 4k TV and input 1080p signal. For your 1080p signal picture to cover the screen it upscales the image to 4k.

Why? Because otherwise you have a large black border around your 1080p image.

The Pimax is using a more advanced version.

Typically a Monitor needs to scale resolutions to the panels native resolution regardless of input resolution.

LOL. Try the search function :slight_smile: But like said, the Pimax has a 4k panel. It currently takes 1440p as input which gets internally upscaled to 4k. That’s why the SDE is so much better than on a 1440p panel.

BTW, Pimax is actively working on trying to find a solution to get 4k natively going. The problem is that the panel does not support 4k@60 hz uncompressed, it only supports 4k@60hz DSC1.1 compressed. The problem with that is that NVIDIA nor AMD support DSC 1.1 compression. Hopefully it’s possible to build a small external box that you can use to compress it and get 4k@60 hz. Don’t expect this anytime soon though, unfortunately something like this takes time.

Also, like suggested, use v1.1.92 for higher quality (make sure to change config to 1440p, in that version 1080p is default). And again, consider using the search function next time, this has been discussed over and over and over again.

BTW I was disappointed myself when I found out that the Pimax 4k didnt support 4k natively. Hopefully they will in the future. But I’d still like to add some points to consider:

  • Once it really supports 4k natively you need a hell of a lot processing power. The thing is that 4k in VR does not render at 4k, it renders at much higher resolution. For example if you have bought ‘vr mark’ you can manually set the render size. Even though the pimax takes max 1440p as input, the picture quality will decrease if you set the render resolution lower than 5120*2160 !! Imagine the Pimax would support 4k, you’d need to set render quality to about 8k to support that. No way even a 1080GTX TI supports that at 60 hz. So we really need next gen video cards. Nvidia is not going to release them this year, they’re planned for 2018. But for the wealthy, a dual 1080GTX TI SLI setup would probably get you somewhere :slight_smile:
  • For 3D SBS video’s there’s also a problem. If you play a 3d 180 SBS video then that means that at a FOV of about 100, a VR headset would only display about 1/4th of the whole video at a given time. So, to support 4k natively you would need 4x4k = 8k SBS video’s ! There is currently no such content available. So even if we’d have 4k natively, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it in 3d SBS video.

The only real CURRENT advantage of having 4k natively would be in playing a regular 4k (non 3d) video.

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Dear mirq
First, The physical screen of Pimax is 4k.As you know ,The HD line of Pimax is HDMI which Can only receive 4k60HZ signal,but our computer graphics card output signal is the lowest 4k60HZ.This is why you can not see the headset is not 4k(this resolution we call it virtual resolution which is different from the physical resolution)

Ok industria, I will try 1.1.92.

Thanx heliosurge, sjefdeklerk and rain for taking your time to answer. Looks like a lot is going on inside the headset that I don’t know, but I decide to not bother anymore, since clearly the door effect is smaller than in Gear VR, maybe you all are right.

@industria , @Rain and @Sjef This topic has to be reconsidered since I discovered clearly that I have a different type of heasdset. see topic

All of you have a partial guilt for not telling me the truth, and I am now over the 45 days of money back.

LOL, I actually was the first one to bright this up. This has been discussed intensively on the forum, lots of threads regarding the issue, search the forum for “serial 102” to get an idea how much this has been discussed.

This is the thread where we found out about it:

24 june somebody reported he had a different panel type, then we quickly found out that it was actually a 1440p panel.

Lol, read several post up

Yeah there was nothing to suggest that Pimax was using 1440p panels for the 102 serial versions. You mentioned that it was reported as 1440p panel in your computer, this is standard normal behaviour, EVERY pimax 4k does that.

I reported this on may 22 and look what you said up several posts

No. You reported that your display was recognized as 1440p. EVERY pimax 4k gets recognized as 1440p.

It was only later that we found out pimax was using 1440p panels for the 102 serial versions. If you had regularly visited the forum you would have read about it.

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We need to make a massive campaign anti Pimax , that\s all we can do maybe. All the channels, youtube especially.

Pimax solved it with exchange programs. If you just mail them I’m sure they’ll help you out to exchange your headset.

Do you know someone who did this exchange ? How much was the shipping ? What mail can I use ? I can only see sales and business no support at all

Sj is correct contact support with your e vendor info & pic of headset’s 102 serial & request an exchange.

“We” of the community could not inform you of something we didn’t know about your headset.

If you has asked about noticeable sde, greyed out options in settings. Then we could have informed you of your headset.

Alternatively you could have discovered tge mix up with displays in several topics. Removing shudder glass; & ones that specify the mix up.