Is there a way to send my 5K+ Loaner ASAP?

I’m sure many other backers are in the same situation as me.

As for why I want to send the 5K+ back? I have a lens flaw that came with the headset and it has a massive lightbleed so I won’t get value selling or keeping it.

I know there’s only DOZENS of us here but it would really speed up the process of potentially receiving the 8KX since we don’t have to then wait to ship it back and then wait again to receive it which could take more than a few weeks.



Hello Generic,

On the loaner issue for backers, we will make an announcement on how will be the procedure for this particular. We do know you are concern on there are quite few complicated steps by sending us back the 5K + before getting your 8KX from us. We gonna make things simple.

Have a nice day.



You’re not alone =)
I have a 202 5K+ I’m also planning to return - it’s getting snowy, has the rustic cracked style housing, extra black dots for enhanced™ enhancement™, and super cinematic director’s cut style 90hz only. Apparently it’s out of warranty as of this week.
Hearing good things about the 8kX from ces, and definitely don’t want to wait for a slow boat to china.


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