Is the vanishing of Ethan carter vr playable on the pimax now..?

One of the only games, if not the only one, that I stopped playing for a better headset was the vanishing of Ethan carter vr. So it was really disappointing when sweviver said it had issues with the pimax. I don’t remember what kind of issues though, has any other testers tried it out on the pimax? Any big issues…?

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Sorry missed this one.

Ethan Carter is playable but has doubling on some text (close 1 eye to read)even with Parallel Projection on(needed). This also occurs with the portal to reconstruct past events.

You need small fov & pitool setting if mem serves of 0.5 or 0.75.

Normal & Large make textures look very low res & text shimmery to unreadable. Unfortunately thus game needs Astronauts support of which some users have said is unlikely to happen.

A true shame as it’s a nice looking game.


oh :(((((((((((

I emailed astronaut once but they didn’t reply unfortunately

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I was the same, I playsed Ethan on my Pimax 4K and the quality is outstanding on that. But no 6dof so I quit the game to play it further on the 8K (or 5K+)…


Steam version of game. Switched XR Runtime from SteamVR to Windows Mixed Reality using Open XR Dev Tools for Windows Mixed Reality (from Microsoft Store) and I get high quality graphics. (The words on screen still duplicated so need to read with one eye shut.)

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As I remmember, the biggest problem in Ethan was turning; default ingame turn left/right was not around my axis, but around some point outside of my body. That made me sick in a few minutes.

Now we can use this tool for turning, but unfortunately I can not bind it to vr controller, just regular HID game controller, joystick…

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