Is Pimax a scam? Eye strain issue caused from lying 60mm IPD setting

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What does everyone here with 60-65mm ipd think? Do the headsets work and can you see in both eyes clearly without eye strain or not?


no eye strain for me with 67,5 ipd but one eye is a little bit blurry when i look through the inner part of the lenses like i look left and the right is little blurry and when looking to the right the left eye is

My IPD is 59.5 and it’s fine for me even for hours at a time.


French Backer 333 i have my pimax from midle December.
IPD 60 i can play some hour without pause and no soucis.

I have 64 and i haven’t got any probles about eye strain even hours

My IPD is 63 and I’ve set my 8K to 62.3 mm (which is most crisp). I can play for 4+ hours without eyestrain.

My IPD is 64, even on the lowest IPD setting i can’t get a clear image on both eyes, and everything is also about 20% bigger than in my other headsets.

My IPD is 63.5 from my most recent glasses order. 31.5 in one eye and 32 in the other. I have the headset set to 62mm.

I get no eye strain after 1+ hour in Eliete Dangerous. The image is also clear except near the edges.

Edit: This is from my 5k+ that I received at the beginning of February.


IPD of 59. I have terrible warping on both edges of the lenses, eye strain and blurred image in one lens. No reply to my ticket. The issue is being completely ignored.


Eye strain here in both eyes after 10 minutes of usage with an IPD of 64mm

In theory then if my measured by optician IPD of 64 is lowered to 63.2 I should have a clear picture then? You don’t state whether you have the same one eye blurred problem though with your settings.

Careful to generalize. There are far more factors at play here. I think it’s safe to say though (very very roughly) that the variances may be up to minus 3mm (nobody reported to need higher values), depending on head shape, face pad beeing used. Futhermore it is pure logic that those settings are a compromise if your ipd, left and right eye are not exactly symetrical. Back when I tried cardboard cases I found those with separate (L/R) lens adjustment most superior.
Unfortunately none of the “real” headsets consider a solution like that. I really hope that eye tracking and a Software based solution will help at least a a little to do some magic on that issue. With all those variances in mind it is impossible to state an exact value that is good to go for everyone. I had best results with no face pad at all and lowering the IPD by ~3mm and shifting the headset on the nose a little to the left. Annoying procedure…but it worked

It didn’t work anyway. I found 59.8mm (lowest) more comfy.

Possibly. As @noro mentioned, there are other possibilities, like asymmetrical eye distances to the lenses which may be a factor. I agree with him, I think face shape could explain (at least some) people’s different experiences with the 5K+ and 8K. It entirely possible that some headsets have mispositioned lenses or some other issue.

I think the fisheye distortion problem is hardware or firmware related and not biology related, since one user reported seeing it on their headset and not their friends.

Some people reporting fine vision at 64mm ipd where others don’t at the same IPD may be biological variance, but i think its primarily because most people arent actually looking through the middle of both lenses (smallest fresnel circles) where the middle of the sweet spots should be.

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Possibly, because you can close one eye then turn the head slightly to look through one of the lenses and it’s clear but not if you look directly head. which is naturally where one’s eyes focus.

Kind of makes you feel like this atm.


With this eyes my Pimax would be perfect :joy:


Ayy lmao theres definitely an IPD issue then it needs to be lower, the on screen measurement is lying and those that are fine with it at the same IPD as someone who isnt are probably not looking through the middle of the sweet spots.

Its possible to create more IPD room by slighly reducing inner lens sizes (giving an extra 5-10mm more supported minimal IPD size) but i dont think the sweet spot will ever be moveable with current designs though, since only lenses move and screens don’t during IPD adjustment, the headsets may just be suited to large headed people.

Unless they find and use 9-10cm screens instead of 12.5cm screens in the future it won’t happen.

That would explain why people are reporting that they can’t get the lenses close enough.

My IPD is 63 and I’ve set my headset IPD to 62.3, which is where I get the clearest image. However, the centers of the Fresnel circles are not directly in front of my eyes, the centers are further away from the middle of my face. The images in-game are actually fine, so I don’t think that people should think that the distance between the centers of the 2 lenses should be the same as their IDP.

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