Is it 200 degrees horizontal?

Okay so thus far reviews have been all over the place. Some say you can’t even see the edges unless you really push your eyeballs to one side, others say it appears around 170ish.

My confusion is their comparison to human vision in the Kickstarter comparing it to human visions 220 degree fov.
But now I’m hearing it’s measured diagonally and isn’t 200 degrees comparative to human visions 220.

Also are other vr headsets also measured as such if it is measure diagonally?


Are you trying to say that Pimax 8K FOV is not as wide as the other headsets? :drooling_face: Thats shocking news!

(Yes it was a joke but apparently not a funny one…)


I think its right to find this out once and for all. Pimax themselves told me during the kickstarter that its 200 FOV “horizontal” when explicitly asked if horizontal or diagonal, and have on other occasions used the word horizontal (not diagonal). Yet recently we’ve seen that you’ve indicated it is diagonal as per the animation vid seen during the kickstarter which is whats causing this confusion. Considering one of the main technical and marketing features is FOV… so its a fair question to ask, which is it?


I ever compare the rendered image which show on the screen, I think it almost be 180 degree for horizontal.

top left is view of 180 degree in the game
top middle is view of 0 degree in the game
bottom is rendered image which ever show since last year

So I think is should be almost 180 degree, but I can’t confirm because the rendered image can be wider than the image on the screen because may it has too small windows panel to show the real size.

if tester don’t see the black color on the edge, that mean it has 180 fov at least.

Might be weird but I hope it is as small as possible so we have higher apparent resolution. Its obviously some level of way way bigger than the Vive that I’ve never found fov a real problem on. I like the idea of bigger fov but the absoloute limit of my vive is resolution as being effectively incredibly short sighted hard limits me from actuallly being able to do things (example I can’t enjoy elite dangerous combat because I’m constantly distracted by my opponent disintegrating into an unrecognisable pixelated shape if it’s more than ten feet away).

Fov in the range of 130 to 150 and dual 4k screens would have been my ideal for maximum apparent fidelity increase. Any fov over that I would have put below resolution on the priority list until it was nearing 20/20 equivalent.

But everyones different and have different priorities and it’s still the best out there by miles so cool either way.

I think the current Vive vision equivalent in real life would be not far off being declared legally blind (edit. This is apparently a gross exaggeration, ah well) while the low fov is like wearing goggles. I know which of those I would rather have to deal with on a daily basis.

And yes I backed 8kx :wink:


With you on this, although I’d like to know for a ‘fact’ what the FOV is since its become a matter of which bit of info from Pimax do you believe. I’ve always been inclined to be happy with a reduction in favor of higher PPD. My preference would be around 160-170 HFOV.


Well it also turns out some people aren’t aware we can see past 180 degrees when looking forward. So when people tested the prototype or maybe even with the M1 testers at E3, and noticed just a small black side bar, they might be thinking this is a little bit less than 180. So I don’t know who or what to trust anymore. All I know is the v3 prototype, that I used in Amsterdam last year, had small black areas to the side, making it definitely beyond 180 (horizontal)


the big question: are new lenses better than V3?
I use google translation


Yes, @okok95, the Pimax engineers think so. I’ll see if I can dig up the source for that info…

[Update] @deletedpimaxrep1 May 2
“The sweet spot of M1 should be larger than v2/3”



I use google translation
yes, but the most important thing is not to decrease the FOV.
if the FOV was bigger on the V3 then I would not be happy

At this point expecting it to be 170ish. Like that 6 grand headset. The impression people have given is ski goggle like. That’s what I’m buying into , not a set number.


Pimax 8k Hands-On Review: The High-End VR Revolution Is Here! - YouTube Sebastian Ang (one of the testers) said this about the fov a while back. This was before he signed the nda, way back after he tried one of the prototypes.

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I like the 170 FOV option in the update
roll on NDA lifting

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If its 200° diagonal, then the horizontal fov will be 185° (pythagora´s theorem) because only aspect ratio and diagonal have to be known.


I have ever try to calculate by pythagoras, but it is not flat view (curve view). So it should have more fov.

Pythagora’s doesn’t work on spheres, only on flat surfaces.

For example, on a sphere you can have a triangle with two 90 degree angles and one 50 degree

Because Pimax FOV is above 180 degrees, it can only be calculated on a sphere.


I´ve negleted this parameter to get an approximative accurate result. I assume its not completly wrong. Whats the result of your calculation? I am not enough skilled in maths to include this sphere aspect. Is it less or is it more than 185/200°?

The other way is to mesure it in reality with something like this:

Sweviver tried this but he can´t move within this virtual room to move into correct position for mesuring FOV. Don´t know if its a bug. It would be nice if someone try it with a vive or oculus.

His name is SweVR now :yum:


Well if it isn’t a full 200° horizontal FOV then at this point I think we should all demand that Pimax just cancel the whole project. What??? ONLY 180°! Off with their heads!

Jeeze…I continue to be amazed at people. Kickstarter outlines goals and nothing is ever guaranteed. If you weren’t up for the risks, you shouldn’t have backed and should have waited for commercial release. It doesn’t matter what people get, we have:

  • A vocal minority that will gripe and complain about any perceived shortcoming.
  • People demanding immediate release who will scream when the product doesn’t live up to expectation.
  • Trolls that just want to see the project fail…well, just because.

It seems people have overlooked that the product that HAS ACTUALLY been in public demos and far exceeded current headsets in the areas that most backers here wanted anyway…which was why they backed the project. There was so much hate initially over the 8k tag and now people are up in arms over the 200° exact measurement… It may not be exactly 200° and may be less depending on how you measure. I haven’t heard anyone that demoed it complain about FOV from any of the public events. But even if the lenses made some adjustment to improve fidelity (which seems to be what has happened) and we lost 15° of FOV, this is a standard Kickstarter risk as the product can change per the Terms.

I could see some people having concerns about the refresh rate, possible dimness of the screens, tracking, or the fit/optics as these have been seemingly valid issues raised at various points by people who used the device. I could also see concerns about the software/drivers based simply on Pimax’s track record. FOV is a non-issue.

Further, the rest of the issues we will just have to wait see about when the release product gets into people’s hands. THIS was the the whole point of the closed beta that so many people still gripe about…We have to hope the beta testers did their job and that Pimax takes their feedback to heart and addresses it.

No product will be perfect…it ain’t going to happen no matter what we want. But griping about imagined problems in a product we don’t even have yet is just dumb. People made plenty of suggestions at the front end of the process and Pimax took that into consideration in some design choices (IPD adjustment, additional LEDs, and look at the iterations on the controllers!). We are largely past the point of hardware changes at this point per the last official word and it will be down to accessory and software changes now. So people need to chill until we get the product they have made. Anyone complaining about perceived hardware shortcomings at this point before they actually have the headset should seem to fall into the troll category.

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Right. I could care less if it’s “only” 180° FOV. It’s still a huge leap over the current consumer-grade headsets. SDE will be minimal. The things to be concerned are comfort, driver stability, tracking (which seems to have been fixed), refresh rate, etc. Hopefully, Pimax is working hard to fix any of the issues like these, which the beta testers reported.

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