Is fallout 4 working?


anyone tried fallout 4 ? If yes how is it going ? What setup are you using for the controllers ?

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

I found this early review :

Damn, waiting until April for my full 8k set will be hard :smiley:

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I’m playing fallout 4 using Vive (purchased extra for pimax), core i7 6700k, 16gb ram and 1080gtx.

The game is fun and runs very well, controlls are very nice, smashing radroaches with a melee is fun :smiley:
I like the game a lot.

p.s. cant wait for my pimax anymore, vive is heavy, hot and dat sde X_x

I tried with the pimax and driver4vr (with a bunch of bluetooth controllers) and the touchpad part of the vive wand make it impossible to play. I think with a nolo vr it could work (if someone tried and wants to share his experience, you’ll be welcome ! :slight_smile: ).

For the others Bethesda seems to be preparing a patch to make it playable with a normal controller so wait and see.

I didnt have much time to play yet, only a first impression. It works with Nolo but I dont like the movement controls when smooth locomotion instead of teleportation is enabled. I touch the touchpad once and keep walking continiously until i touch somewhere else, it’s almost impossible to stop because you never find the exact center of the touchpad.
If the resolution looks ultra low res, switch to the beta in Steam, than its fixed.
What disturbs me most is the ghosting when moving my head. It’s bad in general with the Pimax, but seems to be pronounced even more in this game.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: yes the controls, even with a vive seems to be bad.