Is display port 2.0 a thing yet?

If DP2 is available, will the 12k take advantage of it?
Sorry if this has been asked and answered.

Not a silly question at all. I’ve been asking myself since the 12K debuted. It appears the DP 2.0 is not likely to be mature enough if the 12K is released as planned in Q4. Note that not even a 4090 has a DP2.0 port.

Although Tobii transport may alleviate some the bandwidth needs of the 12K, it would have to be substantial.
So the hope and challenge is that Pimax utilizes 2 x DP 1.4 signals muxed into into one fiber optic cable.
Historically 4K screens initially used two cables to display 4K, but the difference here is we don’t have the luxury of just adding cables as we certainly don’t want two cables - and they cannot be thick (analog) either or they wont work in any pulley system and will make movement in VR literally a drag. If they fail to offer a single-cable fiber-optic solution that uses two DPx1.4 connections I suspect the 12K will be a gimped version of what it’s proposed displays can offer, which are their second challenge. The interconnects and hardware to make this possible are not trivial and are likely a big part of the challenge facing the Pimax team.

The new AMD cards support both Displayport 2.0 and PCIE 5.0 Express at least on the high end cards.

Nvidia lack both which is absurd given the price but perfect for Nvidia in terms of maximising profit (4000 series Nvidia customers will need to upgrade sooner).

Hm. If the 12k supports ds2.0 then I will likely look at the next gen AMD cards.