Is anybody out there


Just wondering is the site still a live?? support…any one?? how long does it take to get a replay from support??

Be prepared to be EXTREMELY patient. They are slow AF!

hehe, ok thank you Stixvr :slight_smile:

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Theres several threads on the subject. From what I can tell, support@ and preorder@ are not responding. I sent emails a week or so ago with zilcho response.

Ssshhhh be quiet, , , , , I think I can hear someone coming, , , , , , , , , Na, no one there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guys this is a community forum, the community will try to help anyone who asks for it… But if you need official support from pimax employees they you need to use their ticket system.

If your waiting for official support to get back to you sign into the ticket system and send them a message telling them your waiting.

I’ve done this Enopho. The first ticket was closed without resolving, the next ticket is still open and no response. I’m giving this info to the community to help with expectation management.

what is your ticket number? we may be able to get one of the Pimax team members to look at it for you.

also if you can give me a very basic idea of whats in that ticket as well? delivery issue, fault issue after delivery etc etc?

SUPEN-2709 subject: is not responding

This ticket is specifically for addressing the email problem which i’m very much suspecting is a technical issue. I have not got a single response from any of my emails to this address, and this forum is littered with posts confirming this. Good luck Enopho - please do what you can.

@mozi @PimaxUSA : any info at all on the email blackout? Has it been fixed, should we resend? anything?


Hi Dallas, can you please look into the ticket for Piwok please, new customer that is getting no response from support… Detail of his ticket number is above.

Many thanks


yes, just confirmed the preorder email works now and the team will review all the mails next week.


Read a few posts up… He already posted his support ticket number.


sorry, I just find the piwok’s sup 2709 and I have answered, can’t find @EdiEvermotion’s

I don’t think he has posted his ticket yet, nor has he told us what’s it about… So we will need to wait on that one.

Same here, can’t get reply or get an unrelated reply. I sent email 10th march and onwards, the ones after “pre-1670” please check and call me. Clearly email communication is poor so you should find a solution to that.

–updated by Eno, @mozi, please can you help this member with his support ticket he is getting no reply using the email ticketing system. Thanks. Eno

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Hi Ofuts, double confirm with you first: your order number is P1670, right? I will check internally and feedback you today.

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@mozi: PRE-1670 is a JIRA issue generated when replying to a mail sent from I believe.

For example when replying to the “how to change address information” mail.

Hi, I checked your preorder number is P1103, we have arranged the delivery and you can get the tracking number in following 3-5 days.

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Why do you block my message, people need to know what they are getting into. I am not trolling, i am addressing the facts.

Why do you think… These are not facts. You talk about the delivery process as if you have internal knowledge. The fact you do not work for pimax means you have no knowledge at all on their internal process.

Keep to facts, don’t post speculation and if you troll this forum again, you will have a 2nd strike to your account… Get 3 and your account is banned.

I will enter no more discussions on this topic.

Enjoy your day.