Is a i7-4790K enough?

I need help from the experts here. I’m not well versed in proccessors, and options

After receiving my DK2 and discovering it work not run well on my standard desktop, I build my first
“gaming” computer. It was very decent ( but not TOTL) at the time.

Server Type MOBO
I5 4690K
SSD for the OS
Water cooled
Glass case
Expensive PS
970 card

The computer has had very little use, and is like new. I was hoping to just upgrade my Video to a 1080ti or 2080ti. But after reading some posts here, I’m now worried the processor will fall short? ( looking at racing, and flight sims). I’d really prefer not to rebuild again, but my Mobo only supports up to a I7 4790K.

Is it worth it to do that upgrade? Will it be enough for a 5K+? These older i7 4790K have very inflated prices right now, but I have found a used one fro $230?



My test is based on 4790K and GTX 1080:
It’s playable.

And then I upgraded the video card to RTX 2080Ti:

The improvement is OK, but not spectacular. I planned to upgrade to I9 9900K.


Im in the same boat. I have the LGA 1150 socket as well and Im currently running a 3.0G CPU with 1080ti with my Pimax 4k with lots of CPU/GPU power to spare. Im going to upgrade to the 4790K, I just found a 4790K on Ebay for $190 shipped, Im going to delid the 4790 to drop my temps hopefully 10C. They can be overclocked up to 4.9G or even 5.0G but Im going to go for 4.5G depending on the “silicon lottery”. Im also going to go for the 2080 Ti when they become more redily available. Then if I need to squeeze more power from my CPU then Ill try for more overclocking on my CPU if possible. Im just not ready to upgrade my MOBO yet. I hope the 4790K can handle most games in the 8K/5K+ at the widest view and best game settings. Keep your eyes peeled and wait for a good deal on one to show up on Ebay, Seems about 5 to 10 are listed everday with greatly varying prices. We will see!!

Thanks for the link to your review! Are you running 16G, 32G memory and what model memory DDR3 do you like best? Thanks

Yep, we are in the same boat for sure. I just can’t do the new Mobo route. I have a GPU to buy, as well as complete flight combat, and race sim cockpits I’m putting together. I

Nice, I just have too much going right now for a sim, :frowning: always wanted one though

I was bitcoin mining so I had 3 1080ti GPU’s. I just sold 2 of them on Ebay and Im keeping 1 for VR until the 2080 ti come available


I had the i7-4790K before I switched to 8700K in January. I would say the performance barely changed in regular VR games, except for some VR simulators that gained noticeably, such as X-Plane, DCS and similar. Also Fallout 4 VR a bit, which is CPU and RAM hungry (especially fast RAM).

The good thing about switching the CPU is that memory are much faster now, went from 2400Mhz DDR3 to 4000Mhz DDR4 (oh well they run in 3800Mhz now) which helps a lot to prevent those 1% and 0.1% fps dips in gams overall.

What Im trying to say is that if you play regular VR games, you dont need more than 4790K.
You ask about if 4790K is enough or not, I would say its more than enough in most VR games, as long as you pair it with a good GPU…preferably 1080ti or better.


Intel typically averages 13%-20% gain generation on generation. The independent testing house Principled Technologies redid their benchmarks, and it shows about 15% to 18% difference in games vs 2700X.

Intel has been high on the hog so long that their gains are pretty small from gen to gen.


Thanks for the reply brother, I really enjoy your videos and rants :grin:


Haha thanks man Im happy to hear that :kissing_heart:


Thanks a lot for this information, do you think a i5-3570T would be enough, or if not a i7-3770T, I am on 3rd gen chipset and I need low TDP for my fanless cpu cooler, since you said the 4790K is more than enough I am hoping that this is enough.

Looks like there is not much between them, other than your chip lacking multi-threading.

Thanks SweViver

Unfortunately Xplane, DCS, Aerofly, and Asseto Corsso is just what I want, so looks like I’m going to take a hit. Do you think the jump from i54690K to i7 4790K is worth the cost of a $200 used cheap, or am I just wasting money? I assume the jump is better than staying with my i5?

I don’t think that it will be worth it …
Booth chips have 4 cores and the same architecture. .
Mist games don’t even use more then 2 threads … that slowly changes to two … but your i5 has 4 threads …

If you would be able to overlook the i5 the same as you would with the i7 (eg 5 ghz) you would literally have the same perforomance since the die is from the same generation.

That’s good news, what about the i5-3470T, is has a much lower passmark score of 4,479 but a much better clock speed of 2.9Ghz, if you had to choose between the i5-3470T and the i5-3570T, which would be the best one? or would it be similar.

Hmmm. Sounds like I should just stay put until I can upgrade to a newer generation. I have withdrawn an offer on ebay for a I7 4790K chip.

If anyone is in need to buy a “new” cpu that will be fast enough for 99% of VR Games and doesn’t want to spent alot of money, just get an Xeon E3-1230v3 and an old Z87 motherboard (Asrock Z87 extreme 3 for example) with support to unlock all of it’s cores to run at 3.7GHz. It’s basically an I7 4770 without the integrated gpu… but who needs that anyways :wink: I’m using this cpu myself with an GTX 1080 ti clocked at 2050mhz and the GPU is most of the time the bottleneck.


Oh I see…

I would say its NOT worth it :frowning: You can most likely OC the 4690 to same clocks and gain same single core performance, and thats what these sims needs. You will either need to go for 8700K for a slight upgrade, or 9700k/9900k for (most likely) a bigger performance boost in vr sims.


4790K is fine! CPU’s have barely gained in performance over the past few years/generations, especially for games that have increasingly been more reliant on GPU speed increases (partly due to higher res we run at). GPU’s are the bottleneck in most of these cases and CPU are underutilized if anything. Many games are not optimized to use multiple cores effectively either, which means even getting same clock but more cores than four is not hugely beneficial.

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