Is 8k+ as same as 8k x in upscale mode?

I am not sure that the 8k+ is same 8k x in upscale mode or not?
Does it use the same panel?

Thank you.


As far as we know, yes. @PimaxQuorra should be able to confirm?


i like this too know as well

Yes, 8K X in native mode is 4K resolution while in upscale mode it is pretty much like an 8K+


except that the 8KX will do upscaled in 120Hz and the 8K+ will do it in 110Hz as max refresh rate.


No, they’re both 120Hz. That infographic showing otherwise was false. The guy later corrected to say they are both 120Hz.

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How about feeling of both headset?

thank you.

My understanding is that the headsets are identical, except for the electronics and some aesthetics: The 8KX has a metallic chevron and buttons, but I think the 8K+ has the “standard” plastic. The 8KX also has a higher quality cable (which is required for native 4K-res mode).

Is there something official? Because I read people actually with the 8K+ talking about 110hz

The 8KX running in upscale mode looks identical to 8K+, as the panels are the same.
The max refreshrate on 8K+ is 110Hz, and I have not seen a 120Hz mode on 8K+ yet.
The 8KX 120Hz in upscale mode is still in final testing phase and getting improved, but yes it will run 120Hz in upscale, which is 10Hz more than 8K+. Most likely possible because of the better cable on 8KX.

Having that said, the headsets are far from identical. The 8KX has totally different main PCB (motherboard) with a new chipset, much improved cable that can handle DSC and the high bandwidth (plus dual USB power instead of external power adapter), an optional scaler (same as 8K+ uses) that can be enabled/disabled, and the housing has metal/chrome parts as buttons/chevron.


when is there gonne be a update to run the 8kplus at 110hz?

The latest 8KX and 8K+ firmwares are not yet released because we are currently testing them together with the panel vendors, to make sure the refreshrates are 100% stable without ghosting or other abnormalities. I suspect we will release it upon the days 8KX first batch starts to ship.

The refreshrates changes are always made in firmwares. PiTool automatically shows available refreshrates that are allowed by the firmware.


is the cable from the 8kplus the same as the old 5kplus?

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Yes the 8K+ uses the same cable as the previous Pimax headset. We are discussing the possibility to make an optional cable for these headset, with dual USB just like 8KX, but nothing is confirmed yet. Technically its possible.


@SweViver Do you think there comes a Comfort kit with let you come closer to the lenses?

My just arived 8kplus(while waiting on the 8kx) is going to be for sale…I will keep my index till my 8kx arives.

I cant get close enough to the lenses because my shape off my head i think,i see way to much overlap from the lenses on the sides.(if you hold your pimax a little bit further from your face then you see what i see)Its unplayable for me this way…
Ipd settings dont help…

I wish it had the same lenses that you can move in and out like the index…

But all this extra technology doesn’t risk being more fragile, remembering the many problems that Pimax had with the cable?

also my contrast slider and brightness does do nothing in the 8kplus headset with the latest pitool?Do you know a solution ?

I have 8k+ and I’m on pitool .255. Contrast/brightness working fine. Did you press ‘apply’? Pitool working fine so maybe there’s some app in background blocking your contrast?

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i just sold the 8kplus,so its not a thing for me anymore.But thx for the reply:+1:

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I’m not sure I’m too happy with sacrificing a USB port just for power on my machine.

I’m using one of those PSU mods for power now, I hope we can use some kind of adapter to the extra usb cable to feed it some power