IPD and My New Pimax 8K

Just wanted to share this finding with others something that I guess I didn’t know or didn’t try to find out about until now

My self measured IPD is around 67 or thereabouts.

When using my Pimax 8k I dialed in that number and found that doesn’t really work.

After some time messing about with different settings and different methods like you would use to dial in a pair of binoculars, one eye and than the other, as well as using another method just looking at things at various distances while in game with both eyes open and adjusting I began to realize.

Nothing really hit where I was perfectly at all time satisfied. Yes, sometimes it takes me awhile.

If I was looking at text on screen or something close I would need to set my IPD to something low to for example 63 for example

If I was looking at an object in the distance or wanted more clarity on the sides using the bigger sweet spot area of the Pimax 8K headset I would need to adjust it to over 67.

Then I realized there can not be a definitive perfect setting for IPD adjustment. The best thing I realized was to set it somewhere in the middle of the clarity settings that I wanted for best overall experience in a game like SkyrimVR where you are reading quite a lot or looking at menu’s as well as observing things in the far distance.

I just want to share these findings in case someone else like me also wasn’t aware of this, might save them some time.

This balancing approach seems to work pretty well for me. If I’m spending a lot of time reading I can always adjust manually to something more suitable.



This is only on Pimax? For you. Did you use another HMDs before? What about IPD on them? The same thing?

Agree. I have mine at 63.5 now. And I took time to get used to it. It’s due to the way the lenses are configured. Vive and Vive Pro binocular vision doesn’t impact it

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I also have a rift and vive and it is not quite the same on those I believe but more so when using the widest field of view on the pimax. They having a much smaller field of view and sweet spot makes it less noticeable maybe. You will have to try it on your 8k when you look using the Wide field of view setting. I think it is a very minor thing that really isn’t that noticeable unless your really looking at the extreme periphery and want the best of both world clarity while reading and while observing things at the sides.

Thank you Fresco. I find this very useful.

My experience on the Vive and Rift is that there just never seems to be a perfect IPD. I’m always having to adjust a little depending on what I’m playing and so your post may explain this.

It could be the case that because the resolution etc is so much better in Pimax people are noticing things more. (IE with rift or Vive you can’t see too far into the distance without SDE causing problems anyway) but with Pimax things are so good that we are much more dependant on good IPD.

I’m just thinking out loudly really but yeah what you say is interesting and it fits with my observations that my actual IPD is rarely the best one to use and I always just put it down to inaccurate ipd calibration on the Vive and Rift before.

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Is there a settings option for IPD in Pi Tool that displays it on the headset? I can’t find one. I just used the wheel on the headset and guessed what looks better vs feeling eye strain.

Strange it doesn’t have a focus wheel. I wear glasses, and in Gear VR I can see fine with my glasses off, but with Pimax 8K I can’;t see anything with my glasses off, which is strange. I guess it’s because it doesn’t have a focus wheel, only IPD adjustment?_

If you dial the ipd-wheel on your pimax it shows you the ipd-setting in an on screen window. Just rotate it more to show up and then rotate it slowly to the desired ipd value

There is no setting on the pitools software