Information about second batch which sent 14th Nov

Lots of backers ask questions about 2nd batch.
1.The procedure : Most products will leave china and then be sent to overseas warehouse before being delivered to backers
2.Due to 11.11 shopping festival all logistic suppliers have very big pressure,and overseas warehouse also have big pressure.They face warehouse overload.
That’s why it takes such a long time to be delivered to warehouse.We will start the second round delivery after the first batch of products arrive at warehouse.
3.The UK warehouse is available and it will start second round delivery today or tomorrow.
4.We are trying new logistics to speed up the deliver speed


Does Robin Weng know only 200 backers will receive headsets this year? He promised 90%


No he didn’t, he gave no promise that any backers at all would get their headsets before Christmas.

Also thank you Hao for looking into this.


He didn’t promise 90%.

He estimated it to be all by xmas and was 90% sure.


While this is true it is more likely that santa himself is comming down the chimney with a pimax headset than we recieving one from the postal service.


How about the delivery for Asia area? Will Pimax delivery the product directly?
As I am the backer from Hong Kong and it should take only 1-2 day from China to HK.

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Really? Isn’t that the point where you should think about and alternative delivery method?

Maybe you should pay more for express delivery by a “good” company, instead of this?? Don’t the backers deserve this after all?

I mean really, we paid a lot of bucks for shipping, we waited so long, there are delays whereever they could be… And you are really trying to save money with this crappy method of shipping?

Come on you really lost a lot of credibility not only just among us backers… It’s time to deliver and not to save money, it’s your reputation as a company.


I was thinking like that too, BUT for the full package pledges, Pimax needs to send 2 or 3 parcels if the backer wants to receive the goods one by one and that justifies the shipping cost a bit.


Credebility outweights cost… At least in my opinion. They will make enough money later when, these things hit the market and get good reviews.


Yees I have lost my patience and faith with Pimax and no amount of photos will reassure me and regain thr trust after all the lies and false explanations and their over-optimism. For all i know them photos might be of empty boxes/housings. You’ve made me lost my faith on you @PimaxVR so I don’t care keep my money.


I recommend to do a shipping list for easier reading.

  1. batch 1, quantity xxx backer no xx to backer xx shipdate xxxx
  2. batch 2, quantity xxx backer no xx to backer xx shipdate xxxx
  3. batch 3, quantity xxx backer no xx to backer xx shipdate xxxx

We can know the real process of shipping and quantity of production, estimate may be important, but not good as the real process infomation.


HK will be much earlier

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@anon74848233 you mentioned the UK warehouse status. What about the US delivery? It has been delivered almost 2 weeks ago by SF Express to US warehouse location.


@anon74848233 Can you ask team for direct shippment options for Batch 3 ( I may pay extra) to get package before Xmass ?


@anon74848233 @Pimax-Support
Reading your point number 3

We should get the second tracking number today or tomorrow.

Is that so?

I hope it’s true and we don’t have any more confusion and errors regarding lot number 2.

This has been suggested many times by different backers and Pimax never respond.

They should just give one of their standard replies “Yes great idea, we’ll look into this” and then proceed to do nothing.

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Shipping cost really wasn’t that much overal with all the part sent items.


Yes, all of the USA backers want to know this as well!

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For UK warehouse yes~ the products in UK warehouse are ready to start second round delivery

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@anon74848233 @Pimax-Support
Will any of us be offered a refund on our shipping costs? I have paid $80 in shipping for something that will take more than 1 month to arrive. I assume you get a rebate from the shipping company that offers such a horrible product, would be nice if you could pass it along to us, who have had your backs all this time!