Index controller tracking issues. Never gonna be fixed?

For what it’s worth, Asus and MSI are known to have USB issues.
Also, controller tracking issues are frequently bluetooth related. It’s a common scenario to have the bluetooth receiver at the back of the computer. This makes the computer tower block the radio waves to/from the receiver, making the tracking suck. Check to make sure that your ‘dongle’ (whether Steam or another source) hasn’t fallen behind your computer or that you’re not otherwise interfering with it.
-I can’t remember if the Index controllers have a dongle or if they connect to an interior bluetooth inside our Pimax headsets. You might want to check in your device manager to make sure that you don’t have any conflicts going on.
-edit: looking at my system, I don’t see any bluetooth from Pimax, just my onboard bluetooth. My internal bluetooth receiver has an antennae that I mounted to the side of the tower to give me maximum range.


I’m the guy, I had tracking problems in my 5k+ but when the new pitool came out that improved the tracking that Alex and Valve were reviewing some things, for me I greatly improved those problems, at first in a first alpha the tracking seemed somewhat slower and less accurate, but then I get better with the next versions. I don’t know if they improved the package code or what exactly Alex did, or prediction improvements maybe, idk.

You have updated firmware and pitool and you still have the same problems?

I think that somehow the dongles do not have enough power, their data transmission and radio is weak, sometimes by bringing the controls closer to the hmd I noticed an improvement when I suffered those problems

on my 8kx the tracking seems good but I still have the gun grip from now on randomly loosen, not sure if this is still a pimax related issue, but I have it on my 5k+ too


If it’s not faulty dongle related, It could also be an issue caused by the plastic on the Pimax headsets causing some type of interference with the signal which makes the controllers jitter, if said jittering on index controllers when using Pimax headsets is not caused by motherboard header outputs behind the computer being obfuscated by the actual computer tower, or interference from a Bluetooth receiver plugged into your computer.

I have a Pimax 5k+, rog crosshair xiii motherboard with an amd r9 3950x cpu, original vive (1.0) base stations, and never had index controller issues at all.


I just ordered the damn steam dongles from some random website. The pitool updates helped it a bit but still noticing my controllers glitch away. I’m defeated and now hopefully for pimax sake no one brings this up again. I just wonder what kind of info Alex is sitting on… :thinking:

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Is this related to the issue we experienced with firmware post 262 where in HL Alyx the left controller periodically disconnected and reconnected for a 1 second?

I will say that last I played with the most recent software I haven’t experienced it since.

Maybe it’s fixed?

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It wasn’t fixed, but some improvements were made.
I can easily reproduce the issue in the games like Beat Saber (controllers freezing/lost connection a lot).
I have Pimax 5k+ (waiting for 8kx arriving), Index Controllers, and LH v1.0;
The working solution for me is to pair one controller with an external SteamVR dongle (actually, reprogrammed Steam Controller dongle).
BTW. I had an OG Vive headset, and there were no issues using Index Controllers without additional dongles.


If you remember, when you receive the 8kx, comment here again if the problem is there as well. If not, then that’s pretty interesting :male_detective:

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You read my mind I was literally going to ask if you could do this. I figured you could since this is the method that EricForPresident used on his youtube channel to use his knuckles with his G2.

Question about that?

There might be another benefit to pairing through the vive or dongles. Would it be possible to pair the controllers through the vive/watchman and switch between 5k+, 8kX and G2 without having to repair the controllers to each headset?

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I used knuckles without external dongles with OG Vive.

Idk, I sold Vive headset, hence I can’t do such test.


haha, no worries. I will just have to face the spiders and grab the Vive from the Attic to test it out

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No problems on the 8kx


So, I assume this rule out the motherboard issues and the lighthouses? If 8kx works fine and not 5k+ I logically will assume it’s the 5k+ fault unless the pimax team have some other information but it’s a bit suspicious all of this went dark after the last big thread. I know not everyone have this problem but some do, whether it’s the earlier models or that some were just unlucky.

I hope pimax can actually fix this issue if this is the case. I’ll be awaiting information here on this thread, after all, I bought a product that was suppose to work with the index controllers

There is another thread with folks doing Jitter test



I have a 8KX, and 0 problems with a pair of Index controllers and Steam Bases. No jitter or other tracking problems :wink:


If your knuckles controllers work without jitter plugged into the headset via USB C cable then it’s most likely faulty steamVR watchmen dongles inside the headset, as the USB-C input bypasses the need for the dongle.

You can double confirm it if you have no jitter or tracking issues when using the same knuckles controllers with an index or with a HTC vive headset, and if you also have no issues tracking the same problem knuckles controllers on Pimax headsets using USB-C data cables instead of wireless transmission when trying each problem controller after plugging them into USB C port under the headset, to test to see if using the USB-C cable fixes the issue on one or both controllers as long as you’re using the cable.

If it’s fine wired, and controller jitter is only a problem on a Pimax headset in wireless transmission mode it’s clearly because of the wireless receiver dongle or dongles inside the headset itself which are faulty. There are two, one for each controller inside the headset and one or both could be faulty causing the jitter problem.

If it is a faulty watchmen dongle hardware problem which I’m pretty sure it is, affecting some headsets which have the jitter and tracking problem when using knuckles controllers, then software patches likely won’t fix it and you have to get new steamVR dongle/dongles. At least one and ideally two.

Hi zoyer,

Have your problem:Indes controller tracking issues been solved?
If not , you can make a ticket for help in helpdesk.


As for many others it hasn’t been solved. Creating a ticket won’t help since they already have a bunch of info of the links provided. Also the guy who just got his 8kx and the tracking seems to be working well there unlike with his 5k.

Not sure if the headsets are the problem but some things indicate that it is.

This most likely won’t get solved anyway

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