In bullets points : Pimax last Juin 29 2018 Update (Founder Annoucement)

I’m very displease with PIMAX, I was planning to become impatience next week and they send an update this week just before the weekend. furthermore they even use the normal Kickstarter notice system now I can’t even reminding them of using the proper channel to update us. what should I do?

Bullet points resume

  • Now we are happy with the hardware

  • options for both 200 degrees and 170 degrees

  • 2.0 tracking solution that performs as good as 1.0 tracking and par with vive pro

  • The obstacles that prevent us from mass production have been eliminated last week

  • Current production is 200-300 units by or total?

  • We are working on software fine tuning for better performance and virtual quality;- The user interface requires intensive improvements as well. ( read delays here)

Ok I can still complain that they didn’t give us a real delivery date in this UPDATE ;-).
Did I miss something? Just tell me I will add it



Yes the production time line has no time scale ??
and when will NDA be lifted


Still no production dates which suggests still more “secret” work is being done that they aren’t explaining. It is a genuine update in the sense things have moved on but they are still hiding what they are doing and we are none the wiser what the hold up with production actually is.

Can’t help but notice they only explain the issues they are working on after they have solved them already and even then I suspect they aren’t saying even 10% of it. All you know is there is something happening that means production isn’t starting yet (for backers at least) but we don’t know what.

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I read it differently - they are starting mass production now. But they will deliver the first batches to business customer, as simple as that.

However, in terms of understnding the mass production increase, we are missing quite a bit information. Are those numbers per week, as in the earlier statements of Xunshu months ago ? And how long will production remain at 700, 2000, etc. ? If they increased it after one week each time, we would see a rapid increase. But if they only move from 700 per week to 2000 after 2 months, and to 3000 after another 3 months, well, that’s a different story.

But all in all I am still very pleased because it means we are simply getting to the final stage, and now it’s only the wait for my device, no longer the bigger uncertainty if this device will ever perform as desired.

The wait will consist of the following factors:

  • business customers demand satisfied (how many did they order ? 200 ? 3000 ?)
  • backer no. (well, that certianly is a 32XX for me)
  • shipping (1 week)
  • customs (2 days - 4 weeks, if one assumes that the last beta testers had their M1’s stuck with customs)

So I might be looking at End of August in the best case, or rather later in the year…

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Sounds great. Hope i have good chances to try it this summer with the backer numbers 167 and 206 ^^

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Pure speculation but I concur with you possible 4-8 weeks additional delay. why?

1- Pimax not giving hard date a this point.
2- Project is at the standard DEV phase of “almost” finished and software fine tuning and GUI improvement. This will means unforeseen delays
3- Personally I would not take the chance to send 5000 Units in the wild unless the related software & driver were 100% rock solid.

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There is no need for speculating by reading between the lines. We simply have no exact schedule of production or even a delivery scheme, like bulk when all done or market by market etc.

The saying is the HW is final and mass production started.

As a backer and IT pro i would like to receive my unit as early as possible, i wouldn’t mind any software flaws that will be fixed within next weeks or months before commercial release. I can handle rather that than waiting any longer. :wink:


All part of the fun IMO

It’s all nice and cosy except two things.

  1. CEO admits that they were using 1.0 tracking so far. Why we are made aware of this now, when it was supposed to be 2.0 since the beginning?

  2. The presented road map without dates is useless.

So many words and so few information.


I think they gave lots of information. All of it being good news actually. I’m excited that the hardware is up to Pimax’s standards, and mass production is soon.

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Maybe so but saying “where are at mass production” and not giving a timetable with dates greatly open the door. As an IT pro your surely had a manager interested in when and not what :wink:

don’t know why you literally repeat my statement. Before entering into an infinite loop i throw an exception and jump out of it right now…:sweat_smile:

catch (reading comprehension)
throw ex
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Hein? It’s a quote not a loop :wink:

Yes, I was surprise to :

From the FAQ:
Does Pimax 8K support both vive v1 and v2 lighthouses?

Support both.

If you already have vive 1.0 lighthouses at home, we recommend you grab a 8K headset to use with vive 1.0 lighthouses.

The important thing here is that progress are made and that product is no longer in Pimax LAB

To answer some of the questions:

  • The schedule will be updated when we have confirmed the time required for hardware production, software fine tuning, and UX improvement for the final consumer version.
  • We may offer business version earlier to some clients because business clients usually do not require consumer level user experience and can give us feedback as well.
  • The NDA won’t be lifted until we believe the product is ready for customers.

Thanks for all the hard work and patience. hard not to be really excited.


Really happy to hear that tracking is working perfectly now!! Great update @deletedpimaxrep1 sounds like we’re 99% ready, really exciting stuff!!


Hi xunshu, I’m just wondering how the progress will be regarding the new controllers and V2 base stations.

I know you can’t give any details regarding dates and timeframes at this stage, but for those of us who backed the full package, can we expect the peripherals to be complete concurrent with the headset release, or will we have to wait significantly longer?


Sounds like they’re tackling brainwarp to me

@deletedpimaxrep1 can you say something about base stations and controllers. backers that opted for the complete pack have to wait until october?