Improvements of the 8k

According to @Matthew.Xu post below there have been improvements on the 8k. Do that mean that new 8ks being produced right now are different from the first ones? What are the improvements?



I think this is just a throwaway remark not meant to be read too much into at this stage. Pimax has constantly been trying to improve the 8K (with some success so far it seems) but not on the levels you might be expecting (new screens, better upscaler etc). What I do hope is that the 5K+ is pretty much complete and that all resources are poured into 8K improvements from now on considering it’s a) a more expensive device and b) as CEO Robin Weng said is still the Pimax “flagship” device.

However, what a bombshell if after all the Kickstarter dust has settled, they announce an 8K+…Damn!



…is something I expect to read at some point in the next 2 years :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Spam, was just wondering how your headset is working these days? I know you were one of the first to give a review and have had some issues.

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He only just received his third replacement. But I believe he is very happy with it this time .

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@Matthew.Xu mensionned improvement as an excuse for 8k delays, so I’d expect such improvements to be on the hardware side. If the improvement is just to have screens, it’s just another lame excuse…

If they don’t change the upscaler…

Maybe it’s configurable.

People keep missing that one word.


Then the comment makes no sense, he was trying to justify the 8k being late…

I think he means that there are engineers working to improve the 8K and if their tweaks turn out to be a substantial breakthrough, they will (possibly?) update previously shipped 8Ks. That is JUST MY INTERPRETATION - I would NOT take this to be a commitment by Pimax.


Nope, he was responding to a question of whether there were any improvements made to the 8K, wishful thinking from @glassy99

Indeed, I see, it’s bad communication again…

Original question was:

@Matthew.Xu, can you confirm whether the new arrival of 8K panels are exactly the same as the old ones or if there have been any improvements or change of screen manufacturer?

He should just have answered yes/no, instead of this confusing answer.


I’ll flag this topic to get it closed so that it does not create more confusion.

Perhaps Pimax will not answer.

It’s business secrets.

If the facts are revealed, the 8k headset you’ve already received will be returned in bulk.

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The new panel should be the same as the old one, I have not said anything about hardware upgrades.
I am referring to the improvement in performance and the new breakthrough in technology. Not referring to the hardware.
I am sorry if I am confused you by my poor English.


Great news.

Maybe the “new breakthrough” is something software related to benefit us all.


still niceee we can expect even more from the 8k :slight_smile:

Thank you, it’s clear now :slight_smile:

Closed as requested by op.