Impressions of the New York Pimax 8K v3 prototype from 'Real o Virtual'

As some backers asked us for an English translation of this article, I asked the author, OMG, to translate it:

Saturday October 28, 6PM suite 605, 347 Fifth Avenue.

Pimax prepared a meeting room with a new desktop computer type small form factor and a nvidia 1080 graphics card with 8GB of RAM.
We arrived at the agreed time and there we met Ren his assistant Lu and a group of Americans. I expected to meet someone there from some specialized VR media, I asked the assistants and they were all just VR enthusiastic. “Are you really not even youtubers? No one?” -No-
There is a large table and all of us sit and began to ask questions while the computer was loading the first experience.

Elite Dangerous’s menu hangar:
One of my favorite VR games where I had spent the almost 70% of most my time with Oculus Rift this year; how many times I have been in that hangar with the green Eagle in the background.

My turn, I put on the headset and the show begins…

Ergonomics, the same, thank God hasn’t gone worst, Now the lenses brush my eyelashes. This is not annoying but it is curious, lens es are so close to my eyes, it makes me think and remember something, we will talk about this detail later.

First WOW!: brutal, impressive FOV. It’s like looking through ski goggles or better, I can not say the FOV grades. 200 did not seem to me, but 180 or 190, I could not say exactly, what if I say is that it is more than enough, .the fov gets you into the peripheral vision part of the view. In my opinion the FOV is more than enough. I do not need more. The vertical FOV, also more than enough.

Second WOWW!: I dont notice the previous tearing in the V2. Everything works now as it should be. I turn my head quickly, I bend down, I approach the floor, I look close to the menu, smooth, really smooth.

Third WOWWW!: No glare, I look at the hangar’s lights, at the lights on the ceiling, at the big spotlight behind me and there is no glare, no god rays. The first thing I tried to get home the day before my test was the Elite hangar and there it is. that horrible effect, on the ceiling lamps and the spotlight at my back. I tried both with my Rift and my Vive; different effect but really annoying in the current VR headsets. Solved by Pimax it seems.

Fourth WOWWWW! The sweet spot of the lenses is even higher. If in V2 it was really wide, in the V3 is even bigger. You can see clearly around 80 percent of what we see in the screen… in a normal game where we use to move the head a lot that makes you feel like real life where if you want to see something clear you center your view with the subject.

Fifth WOWWWWW: They had solved the distortion of the lenses from V2. I didn’t notice any deformation on the image looking closely to any as I notice before with V2. I notice that while looking something close and moving my head to the side. I test it looking at the menu floating in front of me in Elite and the ship, and later on inside the car in PC2. and I didn’t notice any defect in the image.

Sixth WOWWWWWW: It still hard to find the screendoor effect. the screen matrix is there still but you have to look for it if you want to see it. If you already had forgett about this on oculuos or vive in the Pimax 8k it is as if there isnt any ed.

Something wrong? The screen is darker than Vive, more or less like Rift, but the blacks looks black again and the colors looks the same as I see it in Rift and Live in this game.

Second experience, Project Cars 2:
When I’m standing I start over the roof, I bend my head to get into the cockpit and everything is correct. I look at the car from the outside, I look closely, fuck "the screendoor is not noticed, very smooth, everything is right. I ask someone to press the gas. I want to see how it looks on movement.

This was the moment when I decided that I was going to become a backer. I usually play iRacing and other simRacing games a lot and being in the driving position, feel how smooth it was, without tearing, ghosting, judder, and all those words that are bad things, plus looking straight ahead and noticing on my peripheral vision the cars passing me through the windows thanks to this FOV, the car crash with a wall and i didn’t feel ill even standing up over my foots. No lost frames, and I didn’t even feel dizzy when the car start going backwards after the impact, something that even in real life should make you feel sick. I want it and I want it now !!! Ren, take my money. Are you telling me that this is a version 3 and there will be a 4 and a 5 versions to with more improvements? You are on the way to success you make me feel confidence in Pimax 8k.

Third experience, Onward:
While I was becoming backer and typing my credit card they installed and tested Onward but the game fails. I didn’t have time to try it but the ones who tried complained that the brightness in the desert did not look like Vive. This is not more than I noticed, since the Vive screen is very bright, perhaps for my tasting even too much. At the end of the meeting they agreed that while it wasn’t so bright, it looks good enough. My conclusion is that trying to stick to the subject of brightness is “nonsense” because it is something that can be adjusted by firmware, hardware or software in the headset later on. In the following versions It could get improved and I don’t think it will get worse, as it is, for me, it is enough.

Photo for posterity with Nordic Rec (red shirt), CEO of Pimax, Martin Lu (to the left of Ren), Sales & marketing of Pimax, and the rest of the enthusiasts present.

Fourth experience, Eleven Table Tennis VR:
Among us was the developer of Eleven Table Tennis VR, he wanted to try his game with the viewer but he had some serious problems. The table looked completely deformed. When trying to make a serve I was not able to hit the ball, it was as if there was a certain lag between my movement and what I saw in the game but not when I was shaking my head. Something strange. The game they tried wasn’t the steam version. here they tried a compilation installed by this developer, a white stage with a blue table, it looks like a beta version of the game.

Trying to evaluate the viewer with this game doesn’t seem fair to me since the same developer recognized that the game was compiled for Vive and that maybe I would have to apply another compilation when Unity was updated for Pimax.

Fifth experience, Big Screen:
Under my request. Here I can finally see a desktop floating in front of me where I can read the screen perfectly at any point. I couldn’t configure it to make the desktop bigger, but I try to get into a movie theater where they were broadcasting a chapter of Senfield. While the video source was not 4K and Senfield is an old TV series with 4:3 format and bad colors, the image looks ok and like it would look in the living room of my house. No glare, no distortion of image, neither looking at the desktop or the movie theater. I check again the viability to being able to focus and read small texts on almost 80 percent of the screen. And again none of those ugly words. Blur, tearing, ghosting, etc.

What a pity not having been able to see content in high definition. I have the feeling that it would had looked like a full HD tv in your living room without hesitation.


Brightness is not something that can be adjusted later on.


You forgot they added 3 leds to v5. So they are working on it. :smirk:


What he meant is probably adjusting gamma on the software side to help things a bit; in absolute terms of course you are correct. Consider it a suggestion of a work-around which would help in some scenarios but not in all.


We do adjust gamma “later on” though. It is one of the few things we can control in VR in some games. Aside from the adding brightness into the hardware, as has been done, I take it that he means adjusting brightness of the displays in real time like monitors. Not sure what is possible in VR headsets, but control over brightness, contrast, hue and saturation, as well as gamma, from inside the hmd would be nice tools.

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Thanks, @Cdaked, and thank you very much for the translation, OMG.

Very nice to read the impressions with ED and PC2.