Impossible to make a custom optical lens for 5k+

I have a pair of custom made optical lens for the vive and really like it. made better VR experience for people who wearing glass like me. But 5K+ has really big lens , it seem no way that can build custom optical frame to fix such big lens.

But Pimax Chinese website shows there will be custom optical frame in the futhur but I don’t believe it.

I think there are many 5K+ users who suffer the same problem like me, Anyone who can slove this issue can make a kickstarter can I am definitely in.

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As I understand it they will be magnetically attached prescription lenses - link individual glasses lenses, one for each eye.

Maybe I’m wrong and someone knows better.

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For my Vive I just took the lenses out of a prescription set of glasses, turned them around (so the curve of the lens is facing towards my eye - which doesn’t seem to effect the optics) and stuck them to my Vive lenses with a fine strip of blue tack on the edges that your don’t notice at all when looking through them - like you don’t notice a thin glasses frame. Maybe you could do the same with the Pimax.

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interesting solution do you have a picture to show how this works?

Unfortunately this does not work when you have astigmatism, reversing the lenses will swap to correction angle. But it works for other types probably.

If you have a strong prescription, would the thickness at the edge become too large? You have me thinking about my own prescription (which is rather high), and how thick even that gets only ~60% of the Pimax lens diameter.

I’m working at the moment but will try to get a picture up of them later.

I have that situation too , also rotated the lens in some (40mm round) reading glasses so they’re concave towards the vive lens , but that is not quite as good because there is a bit of reflection

I don’t think they need to cover the entire Pimax lens with the prescription lens - because most normal glasses lenses aren’t that big to begin with. Your peripheral vision is likely already un-corrected. So they just need regular prescription-sized lenses that fit in the headset case covering the sweet spot in a normal glasses-lens size. Their mockup shows a single frame for holding both lenses with a couple magnets to hold it in place (Magic Leap uses a similar setup for it prescription lenses, Oculus Rift unofficially does but without magnets), I think that should work.

So I got my 5k+ not long ago. I tried to put it on and see if my glasses would fit. And just like OG vive, my glasses won’t fit inside. There are a lot of pressure to my glasses arm, to the point that I fit my glasses arm is being bend when putting on HMD.

I have very wide face and my glasses frame is pretty wide too. Lenovo explorer and Samsung OD+ doesn’t have this problem.

I think I will need custom frame with new prescription lens for 5k+. I have read a few posts ppl asking it for it. But seems like there is no solution yet?

Operating theory is that most of the Kickstarter rewards will ship as a complete package. I don’t know of any evidence to the contrary, and I doubt they are interested in internationally shipping each item.

That said, with the rise of “local” warehouses, maybe they’d ship entirely in bulk and then distribute from there. If they do that, they’d likely be able to both ship things as they are developed and avoid big import/export fees.

Maybe it’s a language thing. But can’t make lenses big enough, or can’t make frames big enough…this just doesn’t make sense. Humans make pretty amazing lenses, even huge ones. It’s only VR who think lenses are made by plastic toy companies cutting up overhead projectors. Frames are plastic. My experience is we can make big things with plastic.

Can it fit in the headset?..makes more sense but doesn’t seem to be what’s being said.

My despair over people’s beliefs around lenses is compounded when people say they just turn their lens around…it still works! No wonder people say they can’t see distortion in pimax…some people can’t see which direction is the correct direction through spectacle lenses…don’t see the entire world distorted except at the exact point of focus.

If only vr users would buy an expensive pair of spectacles or binoculars or a telescope…and realise humans do some pretty mind boggling amazing stuff with lenses… and ask why can’t vr benefit from this? Why do I have a cut up overhead projector in mine?