If you use the KDMAS use the program Boom 3d,the sound is so MUCH better then!

Hello there,i am still waiting on the DMAS.

Meanwhile i have the KDMAS on my 8kx.
The sound wasnt great.

But now i use the program Boom 3d again the sound is very good with some nice settings…
I use a little bit of 3d in the program and some eq… The sound is now far better then let say the htc vive audio strap! Very nice bass and highs…

By the way,i dont use the adapter cable on my 8kx that makes it not better…

If pimax had something like this(and a mic boost option) in the pitool then all people could benefit from a nice sound quality on the KDMAS



Not sure this option will be implent in the next update, but we will forward your suggestion to the Pitool engineer. They are certainly to work out on this issue.


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Thank you…

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