If Pimax wants a new "Wow!" for their headsets, get that LeapMotion module out!

As the fervor of launch fades, most companies look for another “Wow!” moment to keep interest in their product from fading.

The list of promised peripherals is pretty long, but, imho, giving us our hands in VR would provide the most ‘impact per dollar’.

Personally, I still need the optical inserts to fully enjoy my 5k+ but I’m enjoying it as much as is possible for someone with bifocals. But I think that you’d have a much bigger impact on the VR world with the LeapMotion.



Yes when’s this being released

Get in line, everybody is waiting for even a word about the due date of the hand tracking, even though I tried it and it worked great WAY back when…I wonder how many modules are just sitting in their office but yet we can’t have any. In addition the face foams should be the easiest thing and yet we can’t even have that. Part of me thinks even if they get the hardware the software won’t be ready for consumer grade as both sides hardware and software are super slow at pimax. ie. we have been crying about the new knuckles/index controllers not working for two weeks now and motion compensation not working for months and not even a mention that it’s being looked into or being worked on…so I wouldn’t hold my breath on the hand tracking or eye tracking or anything else for that matter.

Dear Pimax, we don’t need you to release everything at once or in batches, just get us what you can or give us a date!

Yeah it’d be cool, but is there any actual software (games) that supports Leapmotion?


Yes flight sims often do.

I think you can register gestures and bind them to different keyboard actions using the leap motion software, as you would bind buttons to different keyboard hotkeys on a usb controller.

So Pimax why don’t you release the module then?

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I belive there where some issues due to whats going on at leap motion? (Somebody posted something somewhere, @Heliosurge might have it better sorted then me).
While it will be great to have it - controllers and Basestations are much more WOW for me!
But it boils down to the same point…

damn I dont get the radio silence… I would rather ride the hype train then hear nothing at all.
Sorry… its just been so damn long.


Recent Articles say Ultra Haptics(sp?) Bought Leap. @PimaxUSA I believe said this is good news as leap was experiencing difficulties supplying needed componets.

I suspect from posts that we will likely see a lot of things move forward this summer in getting things out.


Agree waiting for this 110 usd down want it before hmd gets old…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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We have meetings with Valve and UltraHaptics (Leap Motion) on an almost daily basis. On the hand tracking module there is a transition aspect to the production (LM to UH) but UltraHaptics are a far stronger entity than Leap Motion was which bodes well for the entire hand tracking Orion/Rigel echo system. We are in the process of merging all previous activities with LM to UH.

As for LH, that started seeing some volume production at the Valve CM back in March and seeing very healthy numbers now. Soon we will put out some data on when we can expect the initial deliveries to arrive at our warehouses. On expectations the initial pieces of stretch goal items will almost certainly be (not in order) LH, UH Rigel Module and Hand Controllers (Sword will arrive first). We will try to ‘bundle’ items whenever possible.


How is fixing Index Controller compatability since last SteamVR update broke it?

Is there an estimate on new pitool release?


There is a universal driver that was originally made to emulate Vive wands, there was support added recently to emulate Index controllers.


in relation to the sword controllers, would within your update give the gap between the swords and sword scene. and which ones backers will be sent, as a first time vr purchase i dont have any light houses or controllers and i know im not the only one in this situation, and also a date on when you will be doing the update, i understand that you cant just say specific things but whatever you can please do. itd be nice to have these by September!

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I see large amounts of message traffic about the Sword and the Sense. I think when external testers Sweviver, MRTV and VoodooDE get test devices we will be able to tell you a lot more about what the gap might be. They are great at telling us if something is up to being in the hands of the public.


Could Pimax just make their own announcements? It has been more than a month since Sword controllers revealed but controller descriptions on official page do not contain any of that.

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So we get them next year huh…?

I’m not trying to be pedantic, but LHs, hand tracking and controllers were not stretch goals in that sense, they were paid extras. Is there any news to share about the stretch goals due for every Backer?


Hardly any flight sims support it. Some don’t even try to hide there lack of interest.