If I play my oculus games on my 8kx do I need to do a different configuration for the wide fov? since it isnt steam, or does it launch oculus games through steam vr?

I have some games on my oculus account when I had a rift s like boneworks and wondering if I had to configure them for the 8kx like how PImax Experience auto configs steamvr games.

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If You’re launching them through Pimax Experience they’ll have profiles, yes (they’re not automatically configured yet - they’re just based off a common profile and You can adjust to Your liking).

If You’re launching from PiTool I’m pretty sure (haven’t used it for a long time) that You’ll have to manually load the profile before starting a game from the “Games” tab.

If launching from PE You can choose to use ReVive (through Steam) or the Oculus built-in feature of PiTool (Oculus or ReVive tab/collection in PE).

You have to install ReVive manually.

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You know I always assumed starting the game from the games tab automatically applied the configuration for that game.( Because, you know…logic)

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Might work in later versions but didn’t back when I tried it out so I just got into the habit of applying before starting which seemed kinda silly… :wink:

Really liking PE though… :wink:

It would be so odd if this whole time I’ve thought I was applying profiles, I actually wasn’t. I’m not gonna go check. I’m afraid of the answer.

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