Idea: HMD configurator

The amount of options for Pimax HMDs might start to become a little intimidating for first time customers.
Perhaps it would be helpful to offer an “HMD configurator” which helps to chose the right HMD.

E.g. these choices might be provided:

  • PPD (shows three through-lense photos of 8k X, 8k+, 5k+ and Artisan from the same scene)
  • FoV (shows two corresponding crops of the same scene for 8/5kX/+ and Artisan)
  • max Hz for native resolution 72/120/180
  • preference: black level vs clarity (corresponds to pentile OLED vs RGB LED - shown in through the lense photos)
  • standard headset, MAS, Deluxe MAS (with specs and images)
  • eye tracking yes/no
  • hand tracking yes/no
  • wireless module yes/no
  • face cushion materials, glasses-holes at the sides or not etc. (The stuff that sweviver mentioned will be configurable)
  • one or two entries for headphones (configurable according to sweviver. Is this choice really needed?)
  • Valve controllers+basestations / NOLO / no bundled 6dof tracking
  • available or planned GPU (2080 TI, 1080 TI, 2060 etc.), complexity of planned games to play (e.g. example for high demand game - DCS, for mid range game - Elite Dangerous/Alyx, for low range game - Hoverball). The algorithm could calculate a “viability score” from hardware and game complexity (e.g. hardware score / game demand score) and each HMD could have a recommended minimum viability score needed to make it a recommended combination. (So if somebody selects a 2060 and DCS then the high PPD (8k X) option could be greyed out as it wouldn’t give a good experience. This person should better buy an Artisan or a new GPU)
  • etc.

If one option is chosen then all incompatible options in the other categories are greyed out and the price for the currently chosen combination is shown. This would also ensure that people only order addons that are compatible with the corresponding headset and that don’t compete for the same ports on the headset.

This wouldn’t require Pimax to offer more options, it would just be a way to make the already existing ones more approachable.



We are thinking similar:


Seems so :slight_smile:
Considering to use the search function more…