I5 6600k paired with a 1080ti good for Pimax 8K?

Is a i56600k paired with a 1080ti enough to get good performance out of the Pimax 8K?

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Find out soon enough.

I have the i5-6500 with 1080ti zotac mini.

Figure should work well. But will find out more once base stations & such come into play.

I will definitely be looking forward to your results. I was thinking about upgrading my CPU to a i7 7700k, but don’t want to waste my money if there isn’t a big difference.

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The Steamvr test can give an idea. But until adding tracking into the mix it’s hard to say.

Now you have OCing available. I do have an i7 4970 to play with as well.

Maybe consider holding off until zen 2? AMD is on track to being on par with Intel this upcoming generation and the price per performance metrics blow them out of the water.


I saw one of those Zotac mini’s on sale for $629. I have a 7600k, does your card get good utilization? How does it perform? I have a 144hz 1080p, do you do 4k?

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I haven’t done any stress testing. It’s rated i believe with slightly higher than stock. The Articstorm will give better results due to be liquid cooling.

I have decent results with the 4k. I bought the mini as I want to build a tiny Itx build. A case I plan on modding will work nicely with a flex cable.

@SweViver 'a crazy msi gaming-x 1080 ti has stock OC at around 2ghz. :heart_eyes:

When I get a moment will run 3dmark & Unigene post sime bench results.

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The vrmark (free one on steam ) test with an older amd fx8350 cpu 16gb ram , if I put in more than a 1060 , ie a 1070ti or 1080 it seems to make little noticable impact to the vrmark score shows me that according to this test this cpu can becomes a bottleneck.
Not sure about intel i5-6500 , must be someone who has tested this on youtube

Same test with a ryzen 5 1600 system the better gpu (1080) makes about 15-20% improvement to the vrmark score

But I think ss is mainly gpu intensive so a 1080ti with an old cpu would show a visible improvement

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i have a 4790k so i should be fine right

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It will do, if you don’t care much about numbers…but you will have the gfx card somewhat limited by that Cpu ;
for a comparison I can say that an i5 gets around 1500-1900 points less compared to i7 in 3D Mark Firestrike 1.1 test.

Even when I did an upgrade from i7-4771 to an i7-5820K (6 core) some time ago, it gave me a 800 points gain in the same bench, but the gain is way more pronounced moving from i5 to i7.

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That might be true for syntetic benchmarks but most games just use one or two cores. Higher clock speeds are more important (if booth CPU’s use the same Architecture)
If you would for example have an i7 8700k @4.5 ghz (6 cores) and an i9 9xxx @4.0 GHz (12 cores) the 8700k would have a better performance for 99.99% of all games since they have the same architecture.


True, but i7 always gives more performance with same core utilization over the i5…the i5 architecturally has many castrating features over the other, it’s always has been so, and any serious review of the last 8 years can confirm it, with multiple games.

The Hex core 8700K wins over the mainstream version because the quad channel memory bus helps a little in general performance, providing you install four DDR4 memory modules in every slot, and not only 2, but I have to admit that it is not much cost effective over the cheaper mainstream i7’s if someone is going for the cheap way…

In any case…for a top end gaming Gfx card, a corresponding high end Cpu is always a better choice to squish out the maxium possible from the card…and believe me if I say so, 'cause I have tested any possible configuration and hardware over the years :slight_smile: