I want to switch my pledge from Pimax 5K Basic to 5K+. What do I do?

And how much extra is it?

Backer #3,679

All backers of 5K will now get the 5K+ it was said.


That’s better than I expected, thanks!

Dont be thick!.. .you obviously watched the video explaining or you wouldn’t know

@Jesterinthepack, what video? There’s like 15 videos on the Pimax sub and no, I did not watch them all. There hasn’t been an official video from Pimax that I’ve seen, but you’re the expert. Sounded to me like the 5K and the 5K+ were different headsets, but you’re right, all communications from Pimax have been crystal fucking clear, pardon the hell out of me for daring to ask a simple question. I must have some hidden agenda to be so dense.

Also your punctuation sucks.

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The video MRTV did with Pimax’s founder Robin Weng… this only happened today so give a day or two before Pimax actually puts that in writting!


Hey! why not stop being an ass?


[Putting on my mod hat] :cop: Please everyone, settle down. Let’s not be rude.

I’m not an “official” source, but this is based on what I’ve read: Yes, Pimax will ship both the 5K and 5K+. All 5K backers will be automatically upgraded to the 5K+.

8K backers will have a choice, to get a 5K+ instead, along with a $100 credit for Pimax accessories.

I don’t think the details are nailed down yet.


Thank god. I was about to be pretty irritated. Glad this is how they’re handling it.