I think we need an update

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Whats up?
Any news about the stretch goals?
How are Pimax doing in general?

We need at least the lighthouses and the controllers ASAP.


I’m right there with you on this…good luck with a realistic substantive productive response :beer::+1:


Anything ??..



It has been a while since we got an update on how things are going.


If there are no news, at least there are no bad news either.

Oh wait, the bad news is there are no news :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Please acknowledge this post. @PimaxUSA We’re all very curious about the status of things. I’d love to hear the plans for rolling out the eye tracking. It’s been supposedly completed for half a year now. Another major thing we’d love to hear about is the rigid head strap. Comfort plays a humongous role in whether or not people like the headset, and could be the deciding factor on whether or not people buy it.


Things feel like they are grinding to a halt . I can’t even get an answer about when I will get a 10 meter cable I purchased well over a year ago. I mean it’s just a cable , how much r and d does it need . It’s starting to feel like they are giving up on all the stretch goals and accessories . Nothing about this company has changed for the one and half years I have been watching it . It’s a shame really because the headset is great .


Jup, 60 bucks for a cable. And I don’t even need it anymore. I would love to play with eye tracking though, even if it is just a single demo game. I tried it at a VR conference once and absolutely loved it


Yes and now it looks like backers are going to be sidestepped with the base stations and controllers .

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@Sweviver @PimaxUSA Guys, can you really please push Robin to release a complete status update on all the stretchgoals. We have 15 June 2019 today, and the headset deliveries have been dealt with for the largest part since months, please let us know if Pimax have abandoned the stretchgoals, or some of them. Not delivering them in the coming months will effectively mean abandonment as far as the majority of backers is concerned because many of these enthusiasts will move on to new better headsets when they are released, just as we moved to the 5K+/8K when that was delivered to us.
And chances are that the Reverb or Index may already be considered as such upgrades by an individual backer, and even better headsets will be under development as we speak.

I am afraid that delivering us the stretchgoals in 12+ months makes them obsolete on arrival for the majority of backers.

Please let us know which deliveries we can expect with the coming three months, because that is the real window of opportunity that I personally see for Pimax to have such deliveries make any larger impact. After that, interest will have started to fade badly and you might find that you deliver the stretchgoals and hardly anybody save for some die-hards will even bothers to unpack them.


Well said ! :+1:t4::+1:t4:


Bumping this topic



Sounds like Pimax can only do 1 or 2 things at once…they are busy with the controllers and Pimax 8kx so literally everything else has ground to a halt.

Personally, the kickstarter made it clear the 8kx was not gonna be released until much later so I dont think it was the right idea to halt production on everything else in order to push it out this year.

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I still dont know why they needed to push out so many skus. If back in 2017 they only announced the 5k+ (but named it 5k) , they wouldnt be spread so thin . and I guarantee their kickstarter would still have been just as profitable.
They spent months wasting R
&D effort trying to get the 8k to 90hz and failed anyway. That was time that could have been spent on the controllers.
Now our stuff is being delayed again for more versions of the headset.
Ive been a supporter of the pimax since day 1 but even my patience is wearing thin…Inlike fov as much as the next guy but after wasting an entire morning trying and failing to to run budget cuts, and then plugging in my vive and having it “just work” I start to wonder why I went through the expense just to get a few extra degrees of fov.


I don’t think all assumptions are correct and neither will mine be… but I guess Sure thing is they are more than occupied, but being a small player makes you also vulnerable to side effects caused by other companies- and I believe for lots of parts we are seeing that.
I believe we are seeing the light of the 8kx because the hardware needed is there and can be used + the experience, I don’t believe it has much negative impact on the not yet delivered parts ( and is needed to stay in the HMD market).

None the less it all let’s much open to our assumptions like why the controllers are not ready and so on.
I just hope to hear and see some things soon rather much sooner then later… and at the very least base stations and controllers are needed badly.