I recieved my pimax 8kx but did not receive my controllers or basestations

so what now? I cant use it till I get that stuff so when do I get it

All sims and so you can still play.

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What controllers did you buy? The Pimax controllers or the Index controllers?

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Index knuckles controllers

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I tried and can’t, steam makes me do the room setup which I can’t before starting any game

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And you selected 9-axis in Pitools? in steam vr only I find is about sitting position with am not sure if you should set or what it is.

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With Room setup. Click through the next until you can enter your height manually. Enter your height and click til finished.

I have the same problem. I have a Saitek game controller which has some effect on the SteamVR UI but when it gets to “click next” there is nothing I can do to select the “next” button.

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You should be able to do this on the desktop. I used my mouse.

Nope. Hence my question elsewhere about controller emulation with the mouse.

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Here is the information I got:



The original shipment plan is the lighthouses will be have the same time frame with the stretch goal even though you have opted-out.
Maybe if you pledged the lighthouse only, it will come first before any stretch goal.


? I just ordered the delixe 8kx bundle, dont know what your talkin about and opting out of stuff

You never stated you were not a backer, how could I have known?

This how I set mine up. Not wearing the vr headset and stepping through the desktop screens.

If I get some free time(work really busy will see about some screemshots.

Driver4vr has a very wide range of controller emulation support check youtube.

Another one is KinectToVR (supports variety similar to Driver4VR)


No base stations or controllers either. I could not set tracking in Steam VR and had no picture. Found the headset was not ready. Clicking Horizontal Calibration in Pitool fixed this and i could finish standing tracking without base stations.


Yea same, I just got a reply from my ticket and they said october for everything else…

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I too had the HMD delivered without base station and controllers. I raised a ticket with Pimax, who replied quickly that the bundle “will be sent separately before beginning of OCT” and that it would have a different tracking number. I also asked for the thick face foam and was told that it would sent by 15 October.

Last evening (China time) I got a notification on the FedEx app that a parcel had been lodged for me. Looking at the FedEx website I saw in the “shipment facts” that it weighed 3kg and had my Pimax order number, so it is definitely from Pimax, and based on the weight, unlikely to be the foam.

No e-mail from Pimax yet, and my sales order has not yet been updated. Since the lodgement occurred after working hours I guess that could be a reason.

And another thing - the pickup by FedEx occurred not in Shanghai but in Shenzhen. That could explain why the bundles and headsets are not being shipped together. They are not in the same place. Anyway, it’s all good news.


Yea I asked them and they said they will not be shipping anything out till after the chinese new year or something that last until the 8th…

I have also just received my 8kX without controllers and base stations. Also a deluxe 8kx bundle preorder. Trying to make do just so I can test it, but I can not really use it without them.


Here is a small list of games that can be ran without controllers:

  1. Eve: Gunjack
  2. Distance
  3. Vector 36
  4. WarRobotsVR (Free short game demo)
  5. Vox Machinae
  6. Alien Isolation with VR Mod
  7. SkyrimVR
  8. Prohect Cars 1 & 2
  9. Hellblade