I received (in Microsoft Junkmail) at the 4. jan. ("we are about to ship..."). If I decide not now, they send my pledge? I would wait for a 5K BE review (?)


I only saw the email from January 4th.
“We are about to ship your Pimax Kickstarter reward!”

Do I have to decide now? What if I do not choose?
Does Pimax just send me my pledge?
My backer number is 5336 (i think).
What is the actual number of sending?

I still want to wait for a review and opinions regarding the 5K BE.

Btw.: Is it not possible to use a andti SDE filter in the 5K BE?
Like the Odyssey+.



As far as we can tell pimax has stopped taking swap options it now just wants your delivery details confirmed ,https://community.openmr.ai/t/pimax-official-9th-jan-kickstarter-are-in-final-step-now-headset-type-can-not-be-changed/12573 everyone that seems to have been waiting for the same as you is complaining here .
Good Luck


My “Info Confirmation Survey” ask me (now, online):

    1. Now you have a second chance to make a choice. Which model you pick?

[ ] No change

[ ] 5K Plus

[ ] 8K

[ ] 5K BE

More waiting is not a problem.
Now, I’am glad with my high backer number.

In any case, I no longer want my pledge “8K”. This has previously not mentioned shortcomings.
A delay. This is unacceptable. OK, there are also other reasons, VoodooDE says the 5K+ is generally the better option. Also because of the necessary graphics performance. But this delay/lagging…
Now only 5K+ or 5K BE. And I tend to the 5K BE.
At the 5K BE, they could soften the SDE with a anti SDE filter (like in the Oddyssey+).
If not, from other manufacturer to DIY-install.


I’ll take it. Please assign his number to me. :slight_smile::+1:

Wait it gets even more confusing if you go to their site there’s apull down menu on teh choices for a 5kBE or an 8KBE hahahahahhaha down the rabbit hole we go. I’m gonna buy an 8KBE as soon as they go out of pre order, imagine an 8K oled would be magnificent. I wish I had known sooner I would have put my pledge money on that:/

Yes, but not a “OLED” display!

" 8K BE: The highest resolution in VR so far - Dual Customized Low Persistence Liquid panels with 2x 3840x2160, no more pain about Screen Door Effect and Ghost or “Smear”, over 16 million pixels light the vivid world around you.

5K BE: Premium version Dual Customized OLED panels with 2x 2560x1440, no more pain about Screen Door Effect and Ghost or “Smear”, 7.5 million sufficient pixels with more contrast and color brighten the every pixel of the screen."

And, a OLED 8K would have the same delay/lag (like 8K).
I think I should prophylactically switch to 5K BE.

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Ahh thanks for pointing that out I just assumed their BE range was going to be all oleds so didn’t read the blurb :slight_smile:

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