I really don't have a clue what to do with PE. Don't know were to start

This is a great idea!

So here’s a question. I should be getting my Primax 8KX on Friday. Should I install pitools or just the beta of the pimaxmax experience? Or does PE need to have pitools installed in advance?

Hi Finn, as I understand it. The latest release of Pitools already has PE included.
Just install the latest pitool, that will give you PE. It is an awesome tool for many. For me a bit of a learning experience…but I know I’ll get here. A lot of good knowledgeable folks on here to help.


Yes, ED = Elite Dangerous. My steps outline getting a non-steam game to run. I assume that for a steam game steps 2 and 3 would be unnecessary.


Ah gotcha mobo. Thank You

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Part of the problem is that setting your “ideal” IPD on a Pimax headset is highly specific to each individual. It took me over 6 months to find my “ideal” settings. This is because I thought I had it set up correctly, even though the world scale was wrong inside Elite Dangerous. Once I decreased my physical IPD (via the adjustment wheel on the headset), the world scale was finally correct.

Some of the things that others have suggested give me instant massive eyestrain. Basically, I must leave the software IPD adjust at 0. Others find that they cannot use the headset without adjusting that software setting.

I think in practice, you will need to fiddle with “all the settings” until you find what works for you.

Here’s my recommended procedure:

A tip on Vertical Offset (a PiTool software setting):


At the moment I can’t use the PE, it’s not running properly or letting me change any settings, so I need to figure that out. Until then I’m still relying on PiTool settings. But it will be great when sorted, and Martin and Armin have clearly put a lot of hard work into it, so many thanks to them indeed.

Absolutely agree on IPD setup being top priority. I can’t get the 8KX to be clear in both eyes yet. I’m hoping it will work eventually.

I’m not sure about the import side of things sorry, as I haven’t tried any of that. I hope you click on import, and then locate the exe for DCS wherever you have it installed. I don’t think there are any automatic settings yet - it will offer you whichever game profiles you already made in PiTool.

If you have not made any, then I guess you’ll just see the default one, ‘Common Settings’. I found PE did not load any correct values from my profiles, and instead showed some generic incorrect values for every profile, so another thing I need to look at.

I already see a list of Steam games, which is pretty much everything for me apart from Lone Echo. I’m too lazy to worry about manually updating things outside of Steam these days :slight_smile:

Thank You. I’ll read these later. I probably already have at some point. Will reread, after my brain stops hurting. :slight_smile:

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Please try my setup procedure (above).

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Btw sorry if this old news, or not wanted, but I also used non-Steam ED until I got into VR. I switched over to keep the VR setup as easy as possible.

I guess they still do it, but it was a while back - Frontier offered a free Steam key to anyone who already owns the game and wants to switch to the Steam version.

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Thanks having a look.

I’m not suffering any eye strain, which is good, but at least one eye is always slightly out, unlike the 5k+. Gets worse if not looking straight ahead, and then one eye is very clear and the other is really blurry.

Can be either direction though, not specific to one eye. So the vertical offset thing is interesting but I guess it would only affect one eye, and not both equally.

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Vertical Offset can affect both eyes, especially if the headset is tilted up or down. That’s why neither of my settings are 0.

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Well anther note, I realyy like the way the handtracking was working in PE. No telling when Pimax will have the device available for us. I located the Ultrleap locally here in Texas.

Ordered the sensor and the HMD adapter…we’ll see how it works for the Pimax. If it works good…jsut saved about $100 and will have hand tracking now. If not, I can get a refund.

Will let ya know, should have by Wed. If works, will def. enhance PE for me.

If you can’t change pistool settings in pimax experience you could try too push the on off button in vr on the headset it self it works for me if that happens.

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Hi kingslayer. Oh I can use my mouse no problem. I just like the handtracking. Based on Pimax’s track record, no telling when the Pimax version will be released to non backers. just wanted to try something.

PimaxUSA responded to me. Doesn’t sound like it will work. It’s OK, I can get a refund if it doesn’t.

The handtracking looks really cool but if there are no games that support it then there is no use case.

Tried it all again, same problem. Terrible stuttering performance, no ability to change most settings on the left or main window, profiles in particular. I can change IPD offset… Works OK for things on the right window. I also tried to restart the app while in it, but this didn’t help either.

No problems with PT, SVR, or playing anything. I guess I’ll try and reinstall it, can’t see what else is causing the problem. The only other thing that just occurred to me is that my GPU driver is a month or two old, so perhaps PE can’t handle that.

Best thing to do is delete all the files. See topic how to make pimax crisp and follow it. Then a clean install of Pitool and update to latest Nvidia driver. I hope this works for you.

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I’m using the original LeapMotion and it works pretty well! The fov isn’t as good as the newer modules, but the hand tracking works great!
However, as someone else mentioned, very little software uses it. PVRHome does and I heard, but have not tested, that DCS does but I haven’t heard of anyone else.

Indeed long ago mentioned using a convergence cross hairs. 1 blue for left eye and 1 yellow for right eye. Adjusting ipd until you have a green crosshairs. Nothing on this idea yet. But sounds like @mirage335 might be working on something a long these lines.