I ordered this cheap motion simulator for the upcoming pimax 8K

I ordered this one for the pimax8K :blush:

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Haha, sweet! $850 is not too bad, though I think my back would be ruined after a half hour of gaming. The best thing about this, is doesn’t take up too much space like other, more expensive motion simulators.


I may be fun, but I thought it looked too low to the floor, not to make positions in a lot of VR titles problematic. A lot of VR titles default to standing play and many that accommodate seated play would have trouble with you being so low to the floor. It certainly isn’t going to be a biggie for us "stick and wheels’ types. I would need to have enough game types that would benefit from this design to spend that kind of money on. built a chair with 2x40watt transducers that that meet my haptic needs for about $400 Ca. Hope this meets yours. gl


its indeed a bit low for my taste too.

But i am glad that you can restrict the movement to your likings…
I hope it turns out well…