I hope Pimax 8K wont use NOLO anymore

To be honest I was excited when I saw NOLO could solve the tracking issues, but I soon found out that it could only support 1 base station and render slow updates…and it shakes like hell, even if I blocked all of the mirrors in my room and spare enough space.
When I asked nolo support for this, they said, and I quote:
nolo support: “NOLO VR is developed for VR geeks, I hope you can fix this with us”
me: WTF?

I backed pimax 8K at kickstarter, hoped that it wont use NOLO anymore…

These are my personal opinion guys, peace

Nolo is an add on. If you ordered lighthouses & controllers you won’t want Nolo. Same principle you can use vive lighthouse & controllers if you already own them.

But i reccommend going with all new v2 lighthouses with v2 laser tracking controllers for better forward compatability.


is that nolo v2 lighthouse you recommanded?

The Lighthouses is Valve’a tracking solution. The Htc Vive uses v1 Tracking & v1 lighthouses.

PiMax 5k\8k headsets uses v2 laser tracking which is backward compatiable with v1 controllers & v1 lighthouses.

V2 Lighthouses are only compatiable with v2 tech.

got it, thanks dude:grin:


Did they ever say they were going to use NOLO for something? They talked about inside-out tracking, but that wouldn’t be NOLO, since NOLO requires a base station and then has a marker on the headset - it’s fully outside-in tracking. The point of NOLO is to add tracking to a device that doesn’t have tracking (which is why they target cell phones and Pimax 4k).

I once saw the CEO of NOLO say that inside-out would never be implemented, the solution that NOLO provided is the future of wireless VR :joy:

Well, considering how much R&D capital went into the SLAM algorithms to get us to the quality of inside-out tracking we currently have, I would have probably wagered the same at the time. It’s absolutely insane the kind of quality improvements we have seen in the last 12 months.

The holo-lens is much older than 12 months and has pretty much perfect inside-out tracking.

The big recent improvement is that now they can use the same tracking to also track controllers.

With the last update of the firmware Nolo has improved a bit more, even so, in the matter of tracking this improvement much faster than the image quality in VR. If Nolo wants to continue in the market they will have to get something new quickly.

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I concur, but I highly doubt that. Most of chinese startups develop their products only to get more financing. I checked the replies from kickstarter, some of the backers hasn’t received their nolo deivce yet(after 10 months)
Besides, $199 for one piece of NOLO is way too expensive.

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I bet the tech that NOLO uses will not last very long, they will be eliminated by devices like HTC, OC and such

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Have a read of these two posts… Mainly from the developer Irvy

I honestly can’t believe how bad nolo are as a company… Its laughable, they will go bust for sure.

I was going to buy before reading… To treat a develpor like that who is a source of you income


Yeah, I happened to know one of developer of NOLO(thru email), what he said was that the tracking system of NOLO was somehow “borrowed” from a Collage lab, that the original developer had been graduated…So they used it for granted without any concern of law issues.
But this tech needs improved, that what they up to till now. But who knows, many Chinese startups live on it

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Here’s one more reply from developer iVRy:

LYRobotix needs to step up to the “partner” role they offered to me. I have helped them improve the design of their PC (USB) SDK. I’ve filed bugs in their Github to help them improve their product (virtually noone else has). I’ve been keeping my driver up to date with their SDKs. I’ve worked around bugs/limitations in their SDK and hardware to provide the best experience for their customers. I’ve promoted their product on social media. In return, they have refused to give me early access to their SDKs to help them test and to prepare my product for their releases. They’ve pretty much ignored every bug report I’ve made. They’ve refused (for whatever reasons) to even mention anywhere in their online presence that iVRy even exists. I really don’t see why I should spend any more time developing for this product.

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Is Nolo VR will be compatible with the 5k+ ? because I don’t have extra money to buy Htc vive for the remote that we will nee to wait and I have already the Nolo !

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Nolo is really the worst product I’ve ever used. The drift alone made it totally useless but there’s also the latency that’s just WAY too high to make it fun to use. I guess if the drift gets solved then it would become usable but the latency will still take the fun out of using it.



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@park thanks a lot for your link

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