I have an awesome idea for the backers who have their Pimax 8K delayed

The only correct pleasant course of action is to ship these backers both a 5K+ now and then the 8K headset later whenever ready. That would take the pressure off Pimax for angry 8K backers having to wait even longer, and would mend their relations. There has to be some compromise on Pimax’s part for pre-orders shipping before backers receiving their 8Ks. All in favor say I.


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No that was only given to 8kx backers. Cost and risk to high.


Great minds think alike.


What you recommended was to return the 5K+ when the 8K is received…I am recommending keeping both!

Sounds great, tough negotiation skills :+1:. Postage savings for Pimax and a second unit for backers. Win, win.
Edit: misread you there.

It’s not like the delay is intended to be many months. For many or all it could be 4-8 weeks… It’s hardly cost efficient for pimax to be giving headsets away to cover a 2-6 week wait? So no not an ‘awesome idea’.


8 weeks is too long of a delay to wait again. The only reason it’s no problem for you is because you are getting a 5K+, so let the 8K backers respond if they think its an awesome idea.

That would cost £1000s and would be a logistical nightmare lol will never happen.before you moan i havent had mine either


As a pimax backer regardless of what model I chose I still have an invested interest in Pimax and decisions they would make. I also have the right to speak up against totally nonsense suggestions which this is. But okay, good luck with your awesome idea if you think a loan for what might be less than a month makes total sense to you.


you should start a kickstarter with that idea :upside_down_face:


There not even replacing warranty units before there returned anymore so deffo no chance of this deal

We will see. If my 8K is delayed over 2 months after the last 5K+ backer gets theirs, then I want Pimax to show me some extra LOVE

I believe a more realistic suggestion would be priority for 8k backers for stretch goal/package deliveries.


Totally agree with this sentiment which was made by someone else in the past as well. Pimax upholds some honour and respect for the 8K backers having to wait by offering some recompense. This is a worthy and realistic solution that doesn’t break the bank.

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That’s assuming all 8K backers have opted in for stretch goals/packages. I didn’t, so that doesn’t benefit people who backed the 8K headset only. What about us?

Stretch goals are free to all backers.


Bcozier can send his streach goals to me

Great idea, they should send you all strippers and cigars as well. :dancer:

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Well that’s some good news indeed!

That is impossible, I got replacement with dead pixel, they offer me to get the new cable to fix other instead, but I not accept.

It use much cost to do that.

A lot of people want to try both, a lot of people make the decision to change from 8k to 5k+. If it has this option, all 8k backer who already get 5k+ will request 8k to compare and choose one and return one.

I think 8k backer is around 80%.