I have a big head!

So, yeah, I’m a bit concerned about it being an issue.
My head circumference is 61 cm / 24 inches.
Will this be an issue with the 5K/8K hmds?
How is the 4K model for the XL/XXL heads out there?

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Thanks in advance.

What’s your IPD do you know? The Pimax 4k had more of a problem with large noses as the bridge was too small but the 8K seems to have solved that. There’s been some big dudes trying the prototype with no comfort issues. You should be ok

I don’t remember. I know at least that both my nose and IPD is within the boundaries of normal/medium.

yes , the two key point is your IPD and the noses size, we have opimized the noses hole design.

So head circumference is no issue - cool!
Thank you.