I don't understand it

I have the pimax 5K + for 2 months now and I am still excited. The huge FoV is awesome and I would never go back to such a “diving mask” I had before.

Nonetheless, I do not really understand how pimax acts as a company. So now you have an HMD with a unique feature, the huge FoV. Instead of concentrating on the further development of the HMD, for example a wireless module or a reasonable audio head strap, the focus is obviously now on controllers and base stations. But why? Base stations and controllers can be purchased at HTC or Valve!



To be a proper player in the market, Pimax needs to get out from underneath HTC and Valve.

We all know wide FOV is amazing, but by itself it’s not enough to guarantee commercial success.

Having a complete package that means they don’t have to send their customers away to other hardware suppliers is critical for the long term future of the company.


@mintus55 That may be true in the long term, but I do not understand the priorities. Everywhere people tinker the Vive audio headstrap to the pimax with Velcro and tape…

We only tinker with things like HTC DAS as pimax has failed to have PI DAS ready at launch as originally planned.

Wireless Module is 3rdparty & many backers backed Fullnpackage; so why waste money on HTC & Valve on over priced items?


If “DAS” means deluxe audio strap we mean pretty much the same. And so, where is the pimax audio headstrap, if it was planned, now, half a year after launch?

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Delayed unfortunately. Hopefully out soon. As a Kickatarter reward it was originally replacing cloth strap & some as a result paid extra to have a spare cloth one. Now all have the cloth strap while waiting for pimax solution.

You forget the fact that many of us backed the full package for a reason). I am not going to get an extra pair of LH’s and controllers. I paid to get them from Pimax and don’t want to throw extra money at half-baked and expensive solutions just because Pimax takes years to deliver the promised goods. Happy to have a fully working second-hand CV1 :yum:

Truth if controllers were ready would consider a set of v1.0 lighthouses to be able to have option of v1 vive pucks.