I can't directly reply to anyone [Solved]

Whenever i reply to anyone it doesn’t get marked as a reply for me. Or in other words, it doesn’t show me who i answered. I hope you understand what i mean with that.

Did you immediately reply, such that your post was directly under the post you replied to? If so, the “reply” designation is suppressed.

You can quote part of their statement, to make your intent clear:

Notice that my second reply to your post is marked as a reply.

This is normal, for this forum software. (This behavior also surprised me.)

Strange, it seems to have suppressed the “reply” info from my second post too.

It’s possible this is a bug. @Heliosurge, is this normal behavior?

Yes thats exactly what i meant.

As far as I have seen if your reply is directly after the post your replying to it doesn’t show the person replied to.

Since for example @KnoppersPolizei has a post between my reply and your post it shows I replied to you.


Thanks for clarification but do you still get a notification if you don’t have this thread on “Watching” or do i always have to quote or mention someone for that?

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I have this topic set to tracking. Notification levels vary with topic controls. I watch most of the forum. Maybe @neal_white_iii would have a better idea.

If you mean email notifications? I believe that is more usually if someone replies or uses @mention

Maybe i used a bad wording here. What i meant was not explicit for you rather generally. When i reply to someone will he get an email notification even if it is not marked as a reply? My last reply is a good example. Did you get a notification from that or not?

If you reply directly to the message yes he will get a notification.

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Ok thanks. For me this thread is now solved and can be closed.