I bought a RTX 2080 today

I had planned on getting an RTX 2080 Ti to go along with my 5K+, but fate has intervened.

My wife’s video card died today. I was planning to give my 980Ti to her, once I got my new GPU, but the Ti model isn’t currently available on Newegg, and I needed a new graphics card immediately, so I got the an MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio instead. It seemed wrong to get a GTX 1080 Ti.

The pluses include: I get a faster card NOW and I didn’t have to blow $200 on a new card for my wife, which she’d only really need for a few months. Also, the RTX 2080 Ti boards appear to have a higher failure rate than expected. The vanilla 2080 seems to be more reliable (at least for now).

My main VR app will be Elite Dangerous and I’ll be getting the 5K+, with it’s somewhat lower need for a GPU powerhouse. I do hope a 2080 non-Ti will be fast enough for a good experience.

Do you think this card will be “good enough” for VR, for the next few years?


If it was me I would have bought a 1080Ti and sold it when ready for 2080Ti. I don’t know if 2080 will serve you well over the next few years, It does have a few bells and whistles intended for VR but I’m not confident it will pan out any better than a 1080Ti.


I think whether it will be “good enough” long term is really going to be dependent on the next generations of cards, to see how big of an improvement they will be from the gradual better understanding and tweaks to the Turing architecture. If we see massive jumps in performance from the 20XX to the 21XX/30XX, and then again for the generation following, the remaining users of this gen could be in for a shock as those becomes the new standard benchmark for high end enthusiast product development. But that’s really worst case scenario I’m referring to here. For the now and immediate future though, I think you will be more than fine.


In reality, I would not be surprised if SLI becomes a thing for Vr in the next year anyway, so I would of considered the 1080ti for now and maybe look at another down the track when SLI becomes the next thing for Vr.

But congrats on your new purchase… Its going to be leaps ahead of your 980ti anyway!


Thanks! One of the big reasons I got a 2080 is that I’m hoping more games will support multi-projection for VR. That would definitely boost the framerate over a 1080Ti. It also seems wrong to buy a card which is already obsolete.

Unfortunately, the only real game that currently supports that is Serious Sam, which is not my kind of game.


In the short term you lose 30% performance for 60% money back :wink: I hope to get some Christmas special and get the 2080 for around 999$ CAN


I am finding my 1080 ti is performing well & the 2080 is said I believe to be similar in performance save 3gigs shy on vram.

With the right settings may do well by you if the quality compromises are acceptable to gain the performance you desire.


I too an betting on the 2080 value increasingly radically as features become useable. Right now though… Its frustrating that there is literally nothing that uses it .


Yea, it has arrived! I need to install a new power supply and the GPU now, for both my wife’s and my computers. I hope everything goes smoothly. After that, I hope I’ll be all set for my 5K+, whenever it is finally shipped.


I hedged my bets on a 2080 too, “when” DLSS is supported we will see further gains. As it stands it is similar to a 1080ti, voltage overclocking is more difficult though as you will need custom bios or modifications to the shunt resistors on the board.


My guess you urinated in your wifes pc drunk to force upgrade.

Ps your wifes into gaming?


[quote=“Jesterinthepack, post:11, topic:9775, full:true”]My guess you urinated in your wifes pc drunk to force upgrade.

Ps your wifes into gaming?[/quote]
Nope. :laughing: I’m not that sort of duplicitous person. However, there’s an element of truth to that. It turns out that one of our cats :smirk_cat: was spraying her computer, so I had some unexpected cleanup to do.

She’s not really into gaming, which is why I rebuild her system with my cast-offs.

As for the MSI 2080, my first impression is that it is louder than I expected. I’m going to see if I can tweak the fan profile, so that it’s quieter when not under load. It’s a massive card, nearly twice as heavy as my old MSI 980 Ti, which was a overclocked gamer’s card (so that’s saying a lot). I decided to install the optional card support bracket, so my new GPU is effectively using up 4 slots. It’s very long, but (luckily) I have a large tower case with plenty of room.

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The card is already overclocked, so I don’t plan to o/c it more.

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But you can overclock on top of the overclock :beers::v:


True, I did that on my 980 Ti, but I don’t yet see a need to o/c my 2080, yet. That may change when I finally get my 5K+.

Right now, there’s not much point. According to the “bottleneck calculator” (mentioned with a link, in another thread), my CPU is the current bottleneck in my system, by 24%. To fix that, I’ll need a new CPU, motherboard, and RAM. That’s another ~$1000 to get closer to a “proper” VR rig.

Then all I’ll need is a RTX 4080 Ti. :laughing:


Its screwed up isn’t it? Just get a GPU, then OH WAIT! New CPU and Motherboard needed.


The future is samsung anti SDE filter with lower resolution headsets. No need to buy super high end card, or feel forced to upgrade whole pc chipset.

I feel for pimax backers and buyers, the level of financial investment is just crazy!.. Your sought of forced to upgrade everything and even buy htc equipment

Hopefully next Samsung odyssey is 150-170 fov anti SDE filter slightly better resolution than current, 4 camera inside out hmd tracking.

That will be my buy if so

I had my eye on it as well, and also Duke, but eventually got used 1080 Ti.

I am surprised you wrote it is not as quiet as you expected. From what I read it should have been one of the quietest cards on the market (unless you go hybrid or water cooling).

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Look into ryzem it maube cheaper.

I did some investigation. The card should be quiet when I’m not gaming; the fans do turn off when the GPU is idle. The noisy fan that I’m hearing appears to be from the power supply which apparently is under more load than it had with my 980 Ti. I do actually have a new PS which I’m going to install, since my current PS is fairly old (and was getting a bit noisy before I got the new GPU).

The irony is that yesterday (the day the new card arrived), I got an email from Newegg stating that the 2080Ti I had been hoping to get was in stock. However, when I checked the site, the card was already sold out (again, that’s the second time it’s happened in the last couple of weeks). Anyway, fate has intervened and it will be a few years before I get a replacement GPU.