I am happy to see a guy on reddit prefer 5K+ to Odyssey+ not because of FOV, but clarity

The post is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/b00z6i/from_no_sde_to_clarity_from_odyssey_to_5k/

Frankly I am tired of people saying how they like 5K+ because of its FOV, while they also claim that its clarity is on par with Odyssey, Vive Pro, or even Oculus and Vive OG. Unfortunately I am among the very few that does not care so much for large FOV. My utmost concern is clarity, clarity, and clarity. And fortunately 5K+ answers my call, to a significant degree. None of my previous headsets satisfy my longing for clarity. They all look like DVD, but 5K+ is the only PC headset that looks like HD, or near HD. I have tested it to death with test patterns. The details 5K+ reveals are significantly more than the other headsets. I am very confused how some people can fail to notice it.

So I am very pleased see myself not alone. This guy does not care much about FOV either. He uses small FOV because he can’t stand distortion on the edge. He is also obsessed with clarity. He chooses 5K+ over Odyssey+ simply because of clarity, even though the SDE of 5K+ is significantly more noticeable than Odyssey+. (SDE and clarity are too different things)


This was my very first thought (and I think statement) on the Pimax ‘clarity!’, FOV was 3rd place for me over clarity and reduced SDE since my experience of rift/vive. I have since said the same, a few weeks back I played a couple of hours of project cars 2 racing against friends on my ody+ and had a wow moment, a week later did the same on 5k+ double wow moment, and clarity plays a larger part in my opinion than FOV.

I’ve not done much vr recently with various things going on with about to move house, but the bits I have done my 5k+ is the go to, not touched the ody+ for ages and looking forward to moving in and setting up my man cave for some serious vr :smiley:


Well I agree that the clarity is better on the 5k+. It just shows more details. However it brings back SDE, a problem which the O+ solved and, at least to me, that’s a HUGE thing. For the first time in my VR history my eyes were finally trying to convince my brain that it was real what I saw in VR, that’s an experience I’ve never had with any other HMD, also not with the 5k+. I found that to me the lack of SDE is a much more important factor contributing to the feeling of ‘presence’ than the wider FoV.

So in the end it’s about what you prefer. The 5k+ has wider FoV and more clarity. The Odyssey+ has no SDE, better colours, runs better on my 2080TI, has better compatability, almost no distortion and I don’t need to go and tweak things before I start a game. It just works.


Interesting, here it’s just the other way around. I hadn’t used my 5k+ for weeks anymore. Oh and last weekend I tried it again and it broke down, doesn’t work anymore, haha, so even if I wanted to I can’t go back anymore. And I don’t feel it’s worth to go through the hassle of sending it back, paying import duties again etc for a HMD that I most likely won’t use anyway

BTW, I think you’re now enjoying your 3rd replacement HMD, right? I wonder, did the distortion get any better since your first one? In other words, was this a hardware problem? Or is it the same? Honestly, the distortion + the black dots were the main reason I didn’t like the 5k+ that much. I know they solved the black dots with newer hardware revisions but I wonder about distortion.

Honestly, the 5k+ is no where near as clear as the Vive Pro with Lens mod… I mean no where near it… about the only place it even gets close is if you are looking straight ahead, then and only then does it look clear, however, simply move your eyes just a tiny bit left, right up or down and it becomes horrible. Yes I know about FFR…

I have read a lot of reviews of the 5k+ and am simply stunned that any reasonable person can think this headset is better in anyway. It is almost like people have to justify their expense by putting up with horrible distortion, very poor software or a headset that is so uncomfortable to wear it draws blood. What about the issues with the IPD adjustments? This is yet another area where the Vive Pro wins against the 5k+.

The 5k+ still suffers from God Rays and to make matters worse with the god rays, there is light leakage and to make matters even worse the panels have extremely poor black response which makes the colours look even more washed out and horrible…

I have also read a lot of people claim the Pro is too expensive, overall, the Pro was a cheaper package than I paid for the Pimax and the Pimax is no where near ready for retail sales.

Buyer be very aware…

Hehe well I share that feeling to some extend in that respect that I often read something that makes me think "HUH how could anyone think that’. For example you’re saying that the Vive Pro is much clearer than the 5k+, I disagree there, I felt the 5k+ was just a bit clearer than my Vive Pro. However that’s without taking into account that the colours of the Vive Pro are a lot better which indeed show again more details that way (5k+ being much more ‘washed out’). So if you look at it like that, I could agree.

But yeah I was just reading that reddit thread that topic starter here posts and someone says there that he actually likes movies on the 5k+ better than on the Oddyssey+. That’s really beyond me, how anyone could think that. Movies look SO much more natural and better on the O+ than on the 5k+, it’s not even funny. People are just different I guess.

For me, clarity is not just about focus, clarity has to include legibility… This means that everything needs to tie together to make the system clear. My Vive Pro has the lens mod so I have very low God Rays. The combination of low god rays, clear text and clear colours far exceeds the Pimax which is washed out, extremely uncomfortable and almost impossible to set the IPD… The only thing the Pimax has going for it is the FOV, which is ruined by the distortion…

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Ok that makes sense, I agree with that.

I felt the geo distortion was lessened, or at least not as noticeable to me. The different shape face pad may have played a part in this. On #3 I didn’t get the probable lens wibble I noticed with #2 either, again maybe the face pad change played a part.

I am however getting a bit of eye strain, and like others have done I’ve felt pulling it away from my face it will be a bit more comfortable, just not got around to sorting anything yet with other stuff going on.

#3 also cracked so concerned obviously about what a #4 brings, so waiting this time for any replacement option to have confidence in what I get will still have no dots and not introduce something else.

The removal of the black dots was great, they bugged me :slight_smile:

So really happy with it, with the main exception to fix distance and comfort… looking forward to the audio headstrap thing.


Yeah they also always bugged me. I think I would have liked the 5k+ better without those dots. And maybe with the right face padding distortion could be lessened. But now I’m just waiting for next gen HMD’s. The BOE fab where they’re going to make next gen VR panels just got finished, so I guess we’re only a few months away now from a new generation of amazing VR HMD’s. See https://community.openmr.ai/t/boes-oled-panel-fab-is-ready/17028

as former owner of the Odyssey, I can confirm that 5K+ offers lightyears of higher clarity. I barely noticed step up in clarity from CV1 to Odyssey. Not so with 5k+ - it is severe step up (but you need to remove resoluion cap in Steam VR). Image is getting close to how things look like on 2D screen, not there yet, but close.

But yes, it is not OLED and colors are questionable. Doesn’t bother me in my use case.

Well this topic was about the odyssey+

IIRC Odyssey+ has same resolution compared to Odyssey. But sure yes, I did not own Odyssey+.

Ok. I never really cared for the original Odyssey. The only reason I love the O+ is because of the SDE filter. VR without any SDE is just such a nice thing in my opinion.

I’m hoping that anti SDE tech soon isn’t necessary anymore though. With 2k x 2k full RGB per eye and 100% panel usage, I think we should be good without anti SDE tech. Hopefully we’ll see such hmd’s in a few months. Of course these will be ‘normal Fov’, but who knows, wider panels might hit the market also soon.


You’ve probably voided the warranty anyway :smirk:

Haha well that’s another thing, there’s indeed a chance that Pimax would say that. I did report here on day 1 that my audio plug was botched, which is enough reason for a RMA in itself. So I would be disappointed if Pimax then refused RMA because I later opened the RMA, although legally they would probably have the right to do so. But I won’t RMA. Just hoping BOE is going to hurry up with those next gen panels :slight_smile:

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Hmm, if your Pimax is dead, why not disassemble it all the way

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Hey didnt even think of that, I think I will do a full teardown soon. Always wanted to know which panels (and sizes) Pimax used in the 5k+ !!


Yeah, that’d be interesting :beers: