HTC Vive revised model a few years ago?

When the Vive originally came out, grey wand cables, heavy HMD and basestations with diagonal LED pattern.

I never actually heard of the launch of the slightly improved version of Vive 1.0 with blue cables on the wands, 15% lighter HMD and the basestations having rows of 3 LEDs.

Was there actually a launch or announcement made by HTC that I missed? When did the change take place exactly?

The reason for asking this is because as I see people bidding on EBay, how many are totally unaware of these differences? You can only tell if they have detailed photos showing these differences. People paying the same for both and I’m watching most of these going for nearly full brand new retail prices. It’s crazy people want to save £20 instead of going new with warranty and the aforementioned updated version.


I can respond to your question since I own both models.

Not sure of the exact date with out looking it up but the OGVive 2 as i call it came out some time later with differences as you have described and most importantly the weight was reduced and that felt much more comfortable. The wrist wraps are blue on the controllers sent with ogvive 2 and grey on ogvive 1. One thing to note I always wanted to say to these people buying the used headsets that keep in mind that the OGvive1 wands in some cases like mine are over 2.5 yrs old and the batteries will not hold charge that much longer. The battery replacement which I have done to my old wand is difficult to do and the batteries are not easy find. So the newer og vive would be a better option.

I managed to by my og2 vive on sale best possible option if you need base stations and wands right now.

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