Htc Vive pro VS Pimax 8k (comparing close look inside headset)

Just look at this!

No matter how fancy they try to make the Vive pro look on the outside, this view here is the only thing that matters!!

And let’s be honest, it doesn’t look all that great now does it?


Why is it that when I look at the Pimax lenses, the first thing that springs to mind is the Martians from the 1950’s version of War of the Worlds :grin:.


The other kicker here is im pretty sure the vive is much closer to camera, as the pimax is significantly wider than it at same scale, but this image set has them at same width, so vive lenses are even smaller in comparison.


Keep in mind there was a tv series in the late 80s? It was pretty decent.

“To life Immortal!”

The critic in me has to respond to this as you said “comparing” in the subject, I will compare.

The Vive Pro is a good product by all accounts, the Pimax still needs to prove itself.

Pimax has one thing (hopefully) better than the Vive Pro which is those massive lenses. Now that could be all you want but lets not just ignore the other stuff here:

  • Vive Pro Foam looks velvety and smooth compared to Pimax foam, will it make a difference? itchy? Sweat absorbing?
  • Vive Panels are not turned on so looks lifeless compared to Pimax. Eye candy alert.
  • Vive pro has headphones
  • Vive pro has vent holes? to stop it steaming up?
  • Vive Pro has a nose outline, possible to help with weight distribution or stopping the headset slipping downwards

I am not trying to be negative here, I am pointing out what is visible in your photo without getting all gooey on just the lenses.

Oh and Vive Pro has a ridiculous price. And “prosumer” my ass.

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Not mine, couldn’t find original link.


That resolution diagram is what sells it to me @aesopfabled

Also this one: ( )

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This shows it a bit more clearly

Looking at these just puts a smile on my face.


you really get a sense for that comparison between binoculars and ski goggles here


I find this image somehow misleading if you don’t mention that it’s rendered 2560*1440 and then upscaled.


Right, that was my first thought too. If nothing else, the largest box should be labeled “Pimax 8K X”.

I think I am only half right, because it is 2560 x 1440 per eye. So the rendered resolution is like on the 5k 5120x1440

i don’t understand, i’m showing how big the lenses are compared to those small vive lenses. what does rendering resolution have to do with that?

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I thing @ChrisVL is right, and you are always looking at 8k horizontal, render what you like. For me it does look highly in favor of the PiMax- the HTC seem claustrophobic when I look at it like that…
And keep in mind, it’s not the final one but a prototype so foaming might be upgraded… and so on

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I dind’t mean your post. I replied to aesopfableds post with display resolutions.

By the way. I made my own resolution pic with vive pro and psvr (because my bro has one…)


@fjw @aesopfabled
I do not find those comparisons really helpful. First there is the problem with Pimax upsampling, as correctly pointed out by @fjw. Second, Vive and Vive Pro has the same FOV so they should cover the same span. Simply assuming that you can compare it pixel to pixel is wrong

Furthemore, we have not heard about it for some time, but the last word from Pimax was, they were only able to utilize 80% of the screen (and it was not meant as 80% of the surface but 80% of horizontal resolution, which is far worse) - search the forum for the discussion and questions which Pimax never acknowledged nor clarified.

Putting full 8K resolution into the diagram would make sense for Pimax 8K-X, but then how exactly you would compare it, when it should have exactly same FOV as Pimax 8K (non X) and therefore should not give any more visible “surface” than non-X version? And what if it turns out that the resolution of Pimax 5K is actually almost indistinguishable from 8K (non-X).

We are not talking 2D screen monitors here, where the higher resolution directly implies larger working space and such comparison is perfectly justified. Considering all the unanswered questions I would actually say that I am expecting to get quite a few surprises in Pimax headset, and not many will be happy ones.

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Maybe but once you consider sub pixel resolution the 5k & 8k has more resolution on thst side.

But even without.

The vive pro is 28801600
Pimax 8k 5120
1440 upscaled to 7640*2160.

So either way its more. Consider sub pixels 3 vs 2 & considerably more. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

Same as psvr has considetably more sub pixel res vs the original vive.

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but… where is the place for the eye tracker and the glass frame?


True enough if you want pixel to pixel you would want to compare the Vive Pros Fov pixel count vs the pimax area of Fov that the Vive Pro’s would be contained.

( (Pimax 8k) )
(Vive Pro )

Area in brackets being equal.
But the simple truth Pentile (2 sub pixels) vs RGB (3 sub pixels)

As for surprises? I think for the most part you’ll be :slight_smile: based on Reviews of the v2 & v3. Most were quite impressed.

In Toronto’s 2017 Immersed Event (more for Devs & such) these folks kept coming back to check it out. Neil the host of the event was very positive & ensure to bring folks over to check out the v2. @Pumcy wrote an excellent review on the v2. & later of course we know @SweViver was quite pleased with his experience.

But experience is personal thing. We just have to be patient as hard as that maybe. I just know that many after experienced these early prototypes bought a boarding pass. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Food for thought.

While the Vive Pro’s price release is shocking based on 2 key known elements Screen & Optics.

Any comparisons with the pimax headsets is mainly speculation at this point in time.

While not perfect though if we want a basic “loose” idea of a comparison of the Vive Pro vs pimax 8k? Would be to ask folks like @SweViver & @Pumcy. For their thoughts of the Samsung Odyssy vs the v2 prototype in terms of potenial optics & screen res quality.

But again at this point just an idea on how those “might” compare.

While the price is high on the Vive Pro we don’t know too much on why HTC has priced it so high.

But lets look at the Dual Camera for example. If we consider this might give functionality like the Camera add on someone posted here that you can use to be able to say battle trolls in your living room. If mem serves that add on was priced somewhere around $200?

So lets presume the basic headset for the Vive Pro is $500.

-Dual Camera +$100
-Improved Ergonomics headband +$50-80 (vive didn’t come with Audio strap (originally)
-Improved ipd adjustment

Other miscellaneous goodies (internal componets etc).

Until there are reviews on the Vive Pro there is a lot of unkowns. As for the pimax ks headset there are more unknowns until the release. For example the delux head mount; how is its ergonomics. Ipd quality for convergence. How does the headphones/audio componets compare?

The only thing we know for sure is the Vive Pro has had some bad marketing leading consumers to beleive that this was going to be marketed for consumers & professionals alike. It just shows you don’t need to be a small company to make marketing mishaps. Imho HTC should have also had a consumer model planned that just did a basic upgrade on Res & Steam Tracking using the original frame with Minor improvements with a Target of $550 to $650 US.