How will we receive HL: Alyx?

I just finished setting up my Plan F set last night. Everything worked after updating to the new Pitool, changing the channel on one of the basestations, and restarting the computer a few times.

We’ve been promised we’d also receive HL: Alyx, but it hasn’t been magically added to my account. I didn’t expect that, but it’s not as though there was a code in the box or anything.

Given how long it’s taking to send out the two game codes, hopefully Alyx will be distributed in a more timely manner. What’s the plan for distributing those codes, @PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA?


I think Pimax isn’t handing out codes, rather Steam is detecting your Index controllers and will add the game for you

Update: i was wrong

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Valve has said just having the Index controllers won’t unlock the game though, that you have the order on that account. They would have to be doing something different with Pimax.


I appreciate your update, I was hoping it would be that simple, but it’s not.


My guess is you register that you have Knuckles then Valve (steam) add it on your account, mine was just there one day.

Did you purchase direct from Valve, or through other means?

From Valve did i buy it.

Then I don’t think it’s the same. When you buy from Valve it’s tied to your account. Buying through Pimax, it’s not tied to anything.

Pimax will probably need to input the codes into a database by customer. Which means, based on the game codes from Kickstarter that it should only take, oh, several months. :slight_smile:

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No ment you register your knuckles controllers in steam.

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@Skidrow how do you actually do that?


Not sure about that sry.

I’m pretty sure they (Valve) just added it to the library of people/accounts which had previously bought Valve Index controllers (or the headset/bundle) which would also mean those who got their Index controllers through Pimax would either have to get a key through Pimax or Pimax would have to provide Valve with a list of steam usernames which seems a bit silly… :wink:


Yes, the most likely route will be codes via email from Pimax. I just hope they have a plan for it. @PimaxQuorra if you’re still in the office it would be great to hear the plan. @PimaxUSA, as COO do you coordinate the distribution of codes?


@PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra Do you know yet how the Alyx codes will be sent to Index purchasers?

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Good question! I have Alyx already in the library but thats probably because I purchased Index with controllers. For Pimax orders with Knuckles, I will ask Kevin to contact Valve and get more information. We have a close relationship with Valve now, so Im sure they can give us an answer quickly.


You should also ask Kevin what pimax needs to be added to Steam Hardware survey to be recognized headset.

And can you confirm Standard MAS can later buy the Deluxe Head phones later as you mentioned at one of the recent meetups.

(Answered in Returning Home Thread EU shows)


Will be only to upgrades until 31 december?

There was absolutely no code with the controllers. Where exactly do we get this code? @PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA


I’m bumping, hoping for a word from @PimaxQuorra, @PimaxUSA, or @SweViver. From the latest update the assumption seems to be we’d get a code with our orders.

There is no code, so what’s the plan?