How to use Pimax experience while keeping custom steamvr.vrsettings?

I would like to try out Pimax Experience. The problem is, I set up a custom steamvr.vrsettings file (I guess most users here did this). I gave “gpuSpeed” 1-9 a value of 2000 and the gpuSpeedRenderTargetScale a value of 1.5. Also, I set the Steam Render Resolution to 1.5. Then I set the steamvr.vrsettings-file to “Read Only”, so the values won’t be overwritten every time.

And here is the problem: when I want to use Pimax Experience, the steamvr.vrsettings-file must be editable (I guess). But this means the preset gpuSpeed and the gpuSpeedRenderTargetScale values get overwritten every time.

How do you handle this? Or maybe am I getting something wrong here?


I believe this is something @SweViver or @arminelec as main developers of Pimax Experience might answer best.


Thank you for your feedback and explaining the scenario so well. I have added it to our backlog and will look into implementing a proper solution in one of the future releases.


Just about to create similar post today :wink:

I could be wrong, but if the “steamvr.vrsettings” is read-only - SteamVR creates a temporary file and reads settings from there. I keep the config directory open and see it happening.

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I can confirm this! What I don’t quite understand is this: we all modified the steamvr.vrsettings to get noticeably better visual results and it usually works. So I don’t really get what this temporary file does. If it would have priority and would render the “Read Only” steamvr.vrsettings irrelevant when using the headset, the visual quality should get noticeably worse. But that is not the case! So it seems the temporary file is not in the “driver seat” when using the headset. But then, what is it good for?

I believe the temp file keeps some settings, like “maxRecommendedResolution”, but changes others, like “gpuSpeedRenderTargetScale”

I just remembered!
I believe the option you are looking for is already there.

You can uncheck the checkboxes related to SteamVR profile settings to prevent PE making changes.

Please have a look and try them out. I hope these help.

Feel free to change any of the other options as you see fit your needs.


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