How To Make Your Pimax Image/Picture/Screen Clear/Crisp (Increase Clarity)

Yes. It has a similar function and it even backs up the original file in case you want to restore to an unmodified state.


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Hehe that’s OK with people who are comfortable with tinkering, but could be scary for those who don’t!

That is unfortunately part of learning editing files. Best is not to do it if your scared to do so.

Otherwise a gui with options to change things is best for those users and easier for veterans alike.


Completely agree, but I would be careful about suggesting it to any people who are not PC-savvy, and may panic :smile:

And there are a few VR users who are not - even if most, by necessity if nothing else, have to learn!

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Good work guys on fixing this problem. It makes a big difference.

Hi all. I’m really sorry to ask such a newbie question. I got my Pimax 8KX this weekend, and I get my new computer tomorrow (with a RTX 3080!). This will be my first Pimax “experience” (no pun intended). I have been using GearVR and Oculus Go for the past 4 years… so this will be a giant leap! But also a much more technical-savvy leap as well.

I’m really excited that the time I finally join the Pimax family, there is something like Pimax Experience. But I constantly see people talking about having to change the SteamVR settings manually or with @BNP 's script (shoutout for making this in the first place!).

So now I’m confused, do I still need to use BNP’s script if I install Pimax Experience? Or will Pimax Experience automatically give me the best SteamVR settings? Or should I still do both BNP’s script and Pimax Experience? And if I do both, what order should I do it in?

Thank you all for your help. You may hear from me again with more newb questions as the weeks go by!


Hey, the pimax experience should do pretty much the same thing so if you are using the PE experience then you should not need to also run my program. however i’ve not seen it stated explicitly that it is implemented in the current version. maybe it’s a part of the individual game starts?

I am not sure why some people experience that steamvr often overwrites their config, my program will not save a non valid json file and not everybody seems to have the problem.


Thank you so much for clearing that up. That will help me out a ton tomorrow when I’m frantically trying to make everything is in order haha. The less variables I have to deal with, the less stressed I will be. =)


Welcome to wide fov gaming, I hope it’ll be an smooth and enjoyable experience for you :slight_smile:


Steam seems to always changed at least something, but usually minor. Since this is a SteamVR setting file, it would need changed before SteamVR starts and not sure changes after that will take affect unless they’re changed in the SteamVR app itself.

Also, if it helps (just so I get a bit more details) I ended up taking the code and adding some extra stuff to show what things were changed, and what was not. Before changing the values -

CheckChange(" GpuSpeed.GpuSpeed0", (int)json[“GpuSpeed”][“gpuSpeed0”], GPUSpeedValue);
CheckChange(" GpuSpeed.GpuSpeed1", (int)json[“GpuSpeed”][“gpuSpeed1”], GPUSpeedValue);
CheckChange(" GpuSpeed.GpuSpeed2", (int)json[“GpuSpeed”][“gpuSpeed2”], GPUSpeedValue);
CheckChange(" GpuSpeed.GpuSpeed3", (int)json[“GpuSpeed”][“gpuSpeed3”], GPUSpeedValue);
CheckChange(" GpuSpeed.GpuSpeed4", (int)json[“GpuSpeed”][“gpuSpeed4”], GPUSpeedValue);
CheckChange(" GpuSpeed.GpuSpeed5", (int)json[“GpuSpeed”][“gpuSpeed5”], GPUSpeedValue);
CheckChange(" GpuSpeed.GpuSpeed6", (int)json[“GpuSpeed”][“gpuSpeed6”], GPUSpeedValue);
CheckChange(" GpuSpeed.GpuSpeed7", (int)json[“GpuSpeed”][“gpuSpeed7”], GPUSpeedValue);
CheckChange(" GpuSpeed.GpuSpeed8", (int)json[“GpuSpeed”][“gpuSpeed8”], GPUSpeedValue);
CheckChange(" GpuSpeed.GpuSpeed9", (int)json[“GpuSpeed”][“gpuSpeed9”], GPUSpeedValue);
CheckChange(" GpuSpeed.gpuSpeedHorsepower", (int)json[“GpuSpeed”][“gpuSpeedHorsepower”], GPUSpeedValue);
CheckChange(" GpuSpeed.gpuSpeedRenderTargetScale", (decimal)json[“GpuSpeed”][“gpuSpeedRenderTargetScale”], gpuSpeedRenderTargetScale);
CheckChange(" steamvr.maxRecommendedResolution", (int)json[“steamvr”][“maxRecommendedResolution”], maxRecommendedResolution);
CheckChange(" steamvr.supersampleScale", (decimal)json[“steamvr”][“supersampleScale”], supersampleScale);
CheckChange(" steamvr.allowSuperSampleFiltering", (bool)json[“steamvr”][“allowSupersampleFiltering”], allowSupersampleFiltering);

And here’s the function -

// Check and format our output accordingly
static void CheckChange(string description, object oldValue, object newValue)
Console.Write($"[{description}] - [{newValue}] ");

        if (oldValue.Equals(newValue))
            Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Green;
            Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Yellow;
            Console.WriteLine($"-> [{oldValue}]");


This gives me a nice response on the screen so I can see which values needed updated, and which were unchanged. Not necessary, but nice to see which ones SteamVR keeps changing, and what it’s changing them to.


Very cool. I can see how that could be useful.


I use the program:

Is it normal that the gpuSpeedRenderTargetScale does not stay at 1.5m
Is it normal that gpuSpeed 9 does not maintain 2000

Thank you

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Very interesting this link.

Thanks you Teigue. :+1:


SteamVR changes these values every time you run it. It will change more and more each time, so run this to reset them before running steamVR (every time). If you don’t, it will start changing each of the GpuSpeed values lower and lower


Ok thank you.

Does this affect sharpness in games ?


Yes, I should. I’ve downloaded it, but not yet tried it.

from what we know, no it shouldnt, only overlays like menus fpsvr etc, but there are other settings that affect it like maxresolutionlimit but those affected not so often as gpu related ones. if you start note image quality degradation try to rerun the program

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hmm i play alot of shooting games like onward and pav and the battle royale games and up close the pic is 10 out of 10 . but and distance i find it realy hard to see people there like 1 big pixel like in the shooting range you can see the back targets but there real blury and help would be great