How to detach the plastic mask? I want to detach the cable (noise problem)

Try to press the masker from the side, not sure how to pull it.

We need more video tutorial!!


If it’s the mask that the face foam attaches to it’s just a firm pull will pop from memory kinda like bubble wrap.

After getting 1 tab to pop out move over a bit & pull next out. But if your not quite comfortable wait for other folks input.

Success when try from the nose part first, but when try to pull at the left side, there is some little damage (may not effect too much). Not friendly for remove.

What is this port? look small.

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After replug, okay the flashing dot is disappeard. but still have some. Not solved perfectly. May wait to use old cable from old headset.

It’s simple to disconnect the cable, just a little bit of force.

In Korea, this blinking white dot has been fixed after changing to this power adapter


Thanks will try to find another adaptor.

I can’t push some pin into the hole at the nose - -".

Old headset, I only pull the cushion and the pin at the nose is out of the hole too.


I had to separate the mask several times. You need to use more force. :laughing:

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This is mobile adapter or anything?

I can’t find this adapter on electronic shop here, it is dfferent head size.

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May the force be with you :slight_smile:


It is being sold in Korea online market.


Try to use vive link box adaptor, but it is too big = =".

@Sean.Huang It will be great if you use the same standard of device with other, may we can use another device too.
I can’t find new adaptor here.

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A member of my forum just said that the problem was solved after the monitor was changed.

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I am thinking that my monitor use much power too, it is 29" ultrawide.

I notice that when I use different power socket, it effect to tracking too.

edit : not success although I remove the monitor from gpu.
May wait next week to get the adapter from old headset.

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Yeah, a little different from VIVE linkbox.
You could look for the adapter by yourself as below:
DC plug size: 3.5X1.35X9.5mm
Type:Tuning fork card ditch


size is correct? Has sample on aliexpress? thank.

okay see it now


Already order on online shopping, will test and feedback soon.


@park @Sean.Huang

Already test, this can’t solve the issue (little better), I notice that it is only 50/60Hz 0.7A while other is higher. So I will test the old cable and power adapter of old headset next week.


Noise filters can help you.

@anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu


Hmm , how to add that?

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