How to buy add on?

I’d like to buy 10m cable add on. How do I buy it? How much should I add to my pledge? The price of the cable only ($60) or do I include the shipping ($70)?

It would be $70 because you need to include the shipping.


Great! Thank u so much!

It will be actual for a couple of hours:
additional items

@Kopa who said is correct.

@Pimax-Support, can you confirm the info that Hand Module now has free shipping and need only $100 to add?

It there any chance for the discount of the extended 10mt cable come back ?

Yes, you may add it to your current pledge amount without +$10 for shipping.

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Sorry, I’m not clear your question, can you describe more details?

The addon “Extended cable 10mts” was (for a short period) half of the price !

I check today and was back at full price. I really could use the discount, that´s why im asking.


I see. It’s $60 + $10 for shipping now, sorry.

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