How much VRAM do I "need" for the 8KX?

as a quick recap: higher resolution, higher res textures = more VRAM needed.
If a game needs more VRAM than your card has available you get massive framedrops, easily -50 FPS.

Last time I played Pavlov I checked FPSVR and my 2080 TI used 10 out of 11GB of VRAM with an 5k+
Settings were:
PiTool Render :1.25
SteamVR SS: 80%
Pavlov In-game everything on lowest, except details on second lowest settings, Anti Aliasing enabled.
Map was Dust 2.

If anyone with an 8KX could please check out Pavlov on Dust 2 how much VRAM gets used or maybe another map or game ? any reference would be helpful as the RTX 3080 has “just” 10GB VRAM I’m concerned it might not be enough. Unfortunately the next step up would be the RTX 3090 with an overkill amount of 24GB.


There are 20gb variants of the 3080 rumoured. I think that might be the sweet spot.

I agree, 10gb seems a bit shy for requirements. Even if Ampere is better at compressing textures.

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14GB is enough to have some future proofing
11GB is enough
10GB is enough for casual use

I can just barely occasionally run this 11GB RTX 2080 Ti out of VRAM with DCS World and OVRDrop overlays.


I find the VRAM memory usage near maximum on my 2080Ti in some titles. Especially with a demanding headset. 24GB of vram is ideal.


Aren’t you running also something else that uses VRAM?

Considering only 1080Ti and 2080Ti has 11GB no game would really be designed to use that much.

VR itself probably does not add that much overhead. Render target, eg 2x4k image with 4 bytes per pixel uncompressed is ~ 67MB (which is same as single 4096*4096 texture). So even if you super sample and use some buffering (probably not great for VR anyway because of latency) it should not really add that much to VRAM use. There might be more render targets to create some special effects/post processing but it should be still much less than 1GB altogether.

Generally most of VRAM is used by textures, so if you don’t have enough you have to lower texture quality.

I have OBS’s replay buffer active when I play (set to CPU encoding).
I’ll do some testing this evening to see if I can lower my VRAM usage or even exceed 10GB with higher SS settings.

The early reviewers are unlikely to be benchmarking with vr games.

Does anyone know of any particularly VRAM intensive flat screen games that are more likely to be tested, where we could maybe see a drop in performance (or reduced improvement) from the 11GB 2080Ti to a 10GB 3080?

I’m brushing over my 1080 ti 11GB limit in Skyrim atm. But then I have some ridiculous textures installed. I’d probably just have to remove a few.


man, I can’t believe OVRDrop takes 8GB :joy:

(I time stamped the important part)
thanks Tech Jesus.

So games can request more memory than it actually uses / needs, hence the monitoring software reports unreasonable high memory usage.

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Memory management is usually done by the driver, not the application. Although with the new graphics APIs, developers get some control over it too.
In general, it’s always good to have more memory. Even if a software doesn’t need much, it can be faster with more memory. It means less time spent on garbage collection / freeing memory. Less time spent on moving around memory blocks to prevent fragmentation. In short, the whole memory management becomes easier and faster, when you have more available.
What the performance impact is, varies from application to application. Sometimes it won’t even be a measureable difference, while other times it will be very noticeable and lead to micro stuttering.
Personally, I will definitely get the 20GB version of the RTX 3080, no matter what the reviews say. 10GB is simple too tight for a high end GPU and will lead to issues sooner or later.


More like DCS World takes 8-10GB, and OVRDrop occasionally takes 2-3GB.

I suspect there is something about the SteamVR pipeline wasting a lot of VRAM per-application, and that Valve developers don’t will never care.

Well the majority of people who play games especially VR, actually play the game and do not oncentrate on other things. Thus not needing to run other programs like OVR Drop at the same time.
I know you have the need to do that, and I respect that
But I do not see Steam catering to a extremely small group of users unfortunately.

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You obviously have never played elite dangerous. HAHA

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At this point, that may be more or less true. I think the flight sim community is more than 5% of users, especially those that spend enough time and quality hardware on VR to care about VRAM at all though. So not quite ‘extremely small’.

And as I was about to write before @drowhunter beat me to mentioning it, Elite Dangerous used to account for a rather large playerbase that continuously depended on access to third party tools like EDDB, ship configuration calculators, and even spreadsheets for the power play factions that needed to track tasks completed by real players…

But not anymore, now that FDev is dropping VR from Elite Dangerous.

Star Citizen and future games of any such sort will inevitably similarly require third party tools though. As will VR CAD modeling users.

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I heard that the start experience for new users is alot better now. I havent played since they released the new tutorials last year but I look forward to it.

Is the game still heavily reliant on visiting websites while playing?

There is no possibility that will ever change. EDDB in particular gathers information about markets that players have visited recently, which is not something FDev could implement competently enough in-game to replace.

To say nothing about how FDev has incompetently hacked together the menu system, which continues to have major bugs. A rewrite of that interface would be required before FDev could even attempt to patch in all the functionality users have put together with simple HTML.

Then of course there are users like me who go a step further with a ‘panel’ Linux Virtual Machine scripted to perform window placement somewhat like Atom text editor as a really slick ship computer…

If game developers knew what they were doing, they would be using actual Linux Virtual Machines themselves as the avionics. Like is done with real ships/aircraft, for good reason.


That’s still just forum murmurs though, right? I’m only here because of ED, since everything else is worthless to me.

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I was hoping that the 3080’s 10gb gddr “6x” vram having twice the bandwidth of last gen vram would be a good argument for this GPU?

Looking at 99% of the comments on these forums from some folks with a much deeper understanding of Vr & pc tech in general, i can’t see anyone supporting this as a possible reasonable solution or addressing it in general?

Perhaps i should take that as an answer to my own question or look closer i must have missed something.

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Actually, that’s no longer true. Frontier has said so officially:

In Odyssey, players will be able to fly down to planets, fly through atmospheres and drive along planet surfaces in their SRVs - all while remaining in VR.

When disembarking your ship or SRV, players will be presented with a projected flat game screen in their VR headset in order to continue on foot. Players will of course be able to remove headsets if they so choose, but this will not be a requirement to continue your adventure.


Me too. o7

It is, but personally, I feel that 10GB is not enough for future titles and high levels of super sampling. I might wind up buying a 3090 to get nVidia’s cooler design and more than 10GB. I’ll wait and see what the other brands offer for 3080 options.