How long to get a refund?

here’s my deal. initially preordered the 5k+

when the BE was announced, i paid for the upgrade plus the hand tracking.

then i put a deposit on the controllers / base stations.

then i was shipped the 5k+ (not the BE).

frustrated, i cancelled my deposit for the controllers and asked for a refund on the upgrade / hand tracking.

that was over three weeks ago and in the meantime, my credit card continues to accrue interest.

i’m giving it one more week. after that i’m going to report it my credit card and get the charges reversed.

any thoughts?

if you can work with your bank to roll back the payment, then do it. Don’t wait for Pimax to take care this for you in timely manner. They simply cannot do that right now.
I am in the process of return/refund my 5K+ and it is hell of a experience…

That does it. I’m jumping ship. Too many horror stories in this forum, everything from non functional units to software issues let alone the others peripherals that were promised that no one knows when they will be delivered. I’d rather wait for a reliable headset than having to deal with all the issues that are sure to arise in the future.