How do you get that label beside your country flag?

I see some people on this forum who have things like 5k+ backer or 8kx backer, etc next to their country’s flag on their profile.

I pre-ordered the 8K X, is there a label I can get?


You mean that one?

EDIT: I think that one (the small one) is only shown on mobile browsers maybe and the big ones which some have below their names are something You choose in Your profile settings maybe?

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I’m not sure I understand your response, DrWilken. There is no label beside his country flag.

As you probably guessed, Backer and Π8K labels, etc. are given to those who were Kickstarter backers of a particular headset. Since no one yet has a “final” 8KX, there isn’t a label for that (or at least it’s not been awarded).

In time, there will likely be an 8KX label, so just be patient. If you have your 8KX and you start seeing the label on the forum, just PM @Heliosurge who is a moderator (note the shield icon beside his name) who can assign labels.


OK. I’ll show You an example then… :+1:

This is the other one:

Notice it’s on the same line as the backer/title stuff?

It’s probably the other way round then.

You can choose the flag besides Your name in Your profile settings, but the one in the “title area” is handled by mods…?

EDIT: Guess I didn’t read the question at all…

You’re right @neal_white_iii. Title is @Heliosurge only and I’m going blind… :grin:

I’ll find my way out… :woozy_face::grin:


No worries. You were trying to help, which is always appreciated. :+1:


I am sure, you would not want that label next to your name :).

The small ones are emoji country flags, which are supported in only certain operating systems (as, apparently, the emojis need to have OS support). It seems Android, Mac, managed to implement them, while Microsoft is struggling. I can only assume this must be quite difficult. Nevertheless, let’s hope, that Microsoft will finally make it too.


By magic


The new method you posted is better as it is user selectable as you mentioned in profile preferences. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

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Linux supports it as well. I think it is more the Browser. Soon Microsoft is switching to a Chromium? based browser I read retiring the old IE bits completely.

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Anyway custom titles can only be granted by a moderator


Whoever gave me the new title. Thank you, lol :slight_smile:


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