How do I consistantly turn the pimax 8kx on?

its like a 30% chance whether the pimax 8kx starts up when I turn it on is my unit defective or is it actually just a coin flip to get the headset detected after pushing the power button?unbearable.


Turn it on and off with Pitool (start/close) Haven’t used the buttons since 2019.

You can hold the power button down to get it to a power off state. The red light will be brighter than the normal signal for ‘disconnected’. If you do that, you need to push the button again to power up the 8kx for Pitools to see.
As @dstar said, Pitools should turn connect and disconnect it automatically.
Or do you mean that Pitools sometimes doesn’t see your HMD at all? I have that happen now and then, and once I have a green light on the 8kx, if I shut down and restart Pitools (the Pimax Client in my case) it generally locates the headset.
Should we have to? Nope.



You can always turn on the headset using Pitool.

The “Power” button isn’t coin flip that only gives you 50/50 to turn on the headset. It should be 100% allows you to turn on/off.


no where near 100% it requires absolute magic some time just to get the device to turn on properly with out messing around with it for 20 minutes, do better… embarrassing. Still messing arround with it, After anothe 10 minutes or so it should just randomly start working, I think its just a time sync thing programmed in to piss pimax users off, like a ccp torture program.

Sure enough 20 minutes into turning if off and on plugging it in and out and restarting aplications it just randomly starts working… hire some programmers please at pimax and fire all your current staff any idiot off the street could do better.

Sorry, but with so many problems, the problem seems to sitting elsewhere.

After studying all of your posts, audio here, screen there, switching on, etc., I would bet on a constant undersupply of power via your USB ports.

Do you really use a separate internal 3.0 hub as required, without any additional devices?!

Which is then also supplied with continuous power in the bios, if possible, so that the HMD does not have to constantly reinitialize itself.

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I thought of one other thing… this sometimes happens to me as my USB cable is getting old. The angle to the connector on the HMD is fairly acute, and placing the cable in it’s sheathe above the left earphone seems to stress it pretty dramatically.
On my 8kx, the cable sometimes comes partly out due to strain- when this happens the usb connect is lost.
I’m pretty sure that isn’t your issue, but I thought it might be worth bringing to your attention.

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Others don’t have issues? go on youtube and search any pi-max video even the biggest youtubers have said the software is garbage, talk about cognitive dissidence. Almost “EVERY” one of the biggest vr YouTube’ers have pointed out how poor pimaxs software and solutions are, do you deny the holocaust in your spare time as well… thats crazy.

This VR Headset is INSANE - NO MORE BLACK BARS - YouTube there is one with 600k views. many many more.

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Well, if the soft is rubbish, then it’s strange that others don’t have any problems. You have a whole list, e.g. I haven’t had one for 3 years. Actually, the software has really grown up after some initial difficulties.

The amount of your problems is just incredibly unusual.

Maybe you can tell me in which area you live and there will be someone in your area who will set up the device properly.

Edit? Ahh, Stop. I have one small problem too. I have to disable my iGPU, otherwise the Pimax will be routed false by my system. I often forget it because I sorted it 2 years ago.


It would be good if we could find somebody in the community to help him. That’s a good idea!
U’ve been wracking my few remaining brains at a distance here- somebody ‘on the spot’ would be much more useful.

i am too having it where it continues to give an error 10936
and have to keep resetting just to use my headset…
it works when it wants too, and never had this issue on my 5K+

just my 8KX 2076 version…

Contact support: @PimaxQuorra. I had the same problem, and they gave me a new firmware specifically for my issue. No problem since.

I did indeed do that(got a custom 2001FW and it kinda fixed it),
but have more problems with my headset.
right lens kinda hazy and mic is overblown/muffled(along with random peaking).

headphone ports dont work well too.

fun fun…got to get a replacement.