How cost i upgrade pre-order 300$ pimax controller&base to index?

i pre-order300$ pimax controller&base at March, 2019.

i hear a good news for upgrade to index.but i don’t know how cost about it?

Website. 3rd week of October: Official Pimax Day Announcements - The Full Live Stream Coverage - YouTube


I’m hoping they will give us costs before then, and we can then choose the upgrades we want by the 3rd week of October.

I’m slightly concerned that they acknowledge they’re giving this option because of the significant delay with their own controllers, but the switch to Index controllers is at “additional cost”. Probably that’s coming from Valve, but, you know… :frowning_face:


Yeah. I know what you mean… I don’t really feel like switching, but Sword sense in May/June (at the earliest) feels pretty far away at the moment.


Exactly, and since I stole the face foam from my Lenovo to make the Pimax 5k+ usable, I just put anything controller-based on ice for months.

Which is fine, that was my choice, but now I’ve had enough waiting, and it’s actually going to cost extra to get out of it, ugh!